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Information about accommodations in Thailand

The choice of accommodation in Thailand is wide and goes from small family guesthouses and very cheap small hotels, paradise for backpackers, to breathtakinking luxurious resorts with all the intermediaries existing between these two extremes: midrange hotels, average quality and very high quality hotels. The price/quality rate is always excellent.

For accommodation prices and occupancy rates, you should know that there are two periods. High season (from 15 November to April) where prices are the highest and available rooms less numerous (there's even a peak season from December 15 to January 15 where it is more expensive and more full in some places) and the low season from April-May to late October which is the rainy season in Thailand. This distinction is especially common in tourist cities in Southern Thailand. Although prices are always a lot lower compared to occidental price. There are very few ''seed'' accommodations in Thailand. You can also find campsites, dorm beds or homestays and even WOOFING opportunities in Thailand.
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Accommodations in the main destinations in Thailand

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If is the best-known hotel reservation website (and the one that spends the most money to trust Google results), this serious website that is part of the same group very gives the same warranties and often offers better final prices for the same type of room in the same hotel in Thailand: This is very often the case since COVID (it was less the case before).

Otherwise, you can use this hotel room price comparator to find the booking site that offers the cheapest price for a room in a same hotel: Hotelscombined.

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The most beautiful hotels in Thailand

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In Thailand, there are many many dream hotels in idyllic sceneries and goods news are they cost the price of a two or three stars accomodation in Europe.

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From a booking website to another, you can find the same room at very different rates. Using a price comparison engine may be useful to pay the best price.

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Want to do WWOOFING in Thailand ?

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In recent years, wwoofing grows and grows in Thailand. Especially in organic farms in the North of the country in and around the province of Chiang Mai.

More about WWOOFING in Thailand

Accommodations in other destinations in Thailand

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Bye Bye Thailand Pass !

bye bye thailand pass !

Thailand Pass will no longer be required for foreigners entering Thailand from 1st July 1 onwards. The CCSA, (Center for the Administration of the Situation of the Covid-19 in Thailand) decided this morning, June 17th, during its...

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