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Guide to travel in Thailand by train

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Practical information about trains in Thailand

The train is definitely the cheapest way to travel in Thailand. The third class tickets are very very affordable. The train average speed is quite low, about 40 km/h or less and thai trains are never on time but it's still a pleasant way to travel if you have time. There are several levels of comfort, several types of more or less rapid train (regular, fast, express or super express). The railway network in Thailand consists in four lines, the Northern line, the Southern Line, the Eastern Line and the North Eastern Line.

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IMPORTANT: from 19th January 2023, 52 trains leave or arrive in Bangkok at brand new Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal Station, the other ones will still depart and arrive in Hua Lamphong Station (until next step to move all trains to the new Bangkok railway station). Click on the link more information about Krungthep Aphiwat Central Train Station.

When traveling by train in Thailand, if you want to enjoy the scenery, prefer 3rd class cars, which are certainly less comfortable and not air-conditioned but without windows. A good thing when you know that the windows in the upper classes are often dirty and do not allow you to see clearly outside. The other great interest of traveling by train in Thailand is the contact with the locals. The vast majority of passengers are Thai and it is not uncommon for them to offer to share with fruit or other foods they have purchased. You often meet nice people on Thai trains even if communication is not always easy. For those who really want to know the country and the inhabitants, it is an experience to be lived. And the ballet of vendors in 3rd class cars (and only 3rd calss cars) with their platters of kebabs, chicken thighs, bottles, drinks, cashews, rice dishes... is fun to watch and personnally i prefer to buy from them than getting my meal from the Thai Train Company. No need for a dining car, they bring you everything on a tray! Everything is sold at 10, 20 or 30 baht. In 1st and 2nd class, depending on the length of your trip, you have one or more meals included in the price of the ticket and no street vendors but one hostess per wagon.

Be careful, before getting on a train in Thailand, make sure that it is yours, it may very well arrive exactly at the time yours is scheduled but that does not always mean that it is tyour train. The punctuality of the trains is quite relative here. In all the stations of cities frequented by tourists, you have a Tourist Police office which will inform you. Otherwise, ask the other passengers or the SRT officer on the platform if this is the right train by showing your ticket. You can also try to speak to them in Thai. This train goes to Chiang Mai, for example, is said: rod faï nee paï tee Chiang Mai maï khrap ? (this train goes to Chiang Mai, right?). Replace khrap with kha if you are woman and Chiang Mai with the name of the city you are going to. Note that it is generally not necessary to book your seats in advance except for the berths in the night trains (best to book at least 15 days in advance) and that it is preferable to do it a bit advance for Super Express trains (use the search tool). On the other hand, on long journeys (more than 1h30), book in advance at the station or on the internet (via SRT official website or 12go website) to make sure you have a seat. If you are leaving from the city where the train starts, you should be fine but if you take it on the way, you may have to do all or part of the trip standing up because in 3rd class, tickets are always sold regardless of the number of seats. Sometimes, it is better to pay the few euros in addition to have a booked seat... My advice: at least try to buy your train ticket at least at the station the day before for the next day. It's more expensive than the same day but at least you will get your seat allocated. Be careful, you cannot go everywhere by train in Thailand, Phuket for example, a major tourist destination does not have a train station.

Some interesting infromation about trains

Night trains in Thailand

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The atmosphere of night trains in Thailand with their nightclub car is truly amazing ! It is often a memorable trip though you can't enjoy the landscape when it's dark of course. It is best to book your sleepers in advance at the station or via websites like

More details about night trains in Thailand

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If you prefer to organize your trip in advance, you can book your train tickets to travel in Thailand ahead. You can book online on the website 12go that we tested and validated. Advance booking is especially recommended for sleepers in night trains but can also be good for some super express trains.

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state railway thailand

Compagnie des chemins de fer Thaïlandais

State Railway of Thailand (SRT)
Website :
(hotline can only be called from Thailand)
Official tickets booking website

Thailand train detailled search (with all stations)

The search engine at the top of the page only contains the main stations and is generally suffising but if you have a specific search and do not find the station you are looking fo, here is a search engine with almost all train stations of the Thai railway network.

Railway stations in Thailand

Ayutthaya Train Station
Ho Rattanachai
13000 Ayutthaya
035 241 521
Ban Krut Railway Station
77190 Ban Krut
032 695 004
Bang Saphan Yai Train Station
Kamnoet Nopphakhun
77140 Bang Saphan
032 691 552
Bang Sue Train Station
10800 Bangkok
02 587 4613
02 222 0175
Bangkok Hua Lamphong Railway Station
Phra Rama IV
10330 Bangkok
02 222 0175
02 220 1690
Buriram Train Station
Nahsathani Road
31000 Buriram
02 220 4334
Bus Station
73000 Nakhon Pathom
034 514 438
Cha-Am Railway Station
Narathip Road
76120 Cha Am
032 471 159
Chiang Mai Railway Station
Wat Ket
50000 Chiang Mai
053 236 094
053 245 363
Chumphon Train Station
Krumluang Chumphon Road
86000 Chumphon
077 511 103
Don Muang Train Station
Si Kan, Don Mueang
10210 Bangkok
02 566 2957
02 222 0175
Hat Yai Junction Train Station
90110 Hat Yai
074 243 705
074 238 005
Hua Hin Train Station
Damnernkasem Road
77110 Hua Hin
032 511 073
Kanchanaburi Train Station
Saeng Chuto Road
71000 Kanchanaburi
034 511 285
Khon Kaen Railway station
Darun Samran Alley
40000 Khon Kaen

Lak Si Train Station
Talat Bang Khen, Lak Si
10210 Bangkok
02 573 1394
02 222 0175
Lampang Train Station
Sop Tui
52100 Lampang
054 217 026
054 217 024
Lopburi Train Station
Naphrakan Road
15000 Lopburi
036 411 022
Nakhon Pathom Bus Station
73000 Nakhon Pathom
034 341 378
Nakhon Pathom Railway Station
Langsa Thanee Rodfai Road
73000 Nakhon Pathom
034 242 305
Nakhon Ratchasima Train Station
Mukkamontri Road
30000 Nakhon Ratchasima
044 242 044
Pattaya Train Station
45 Sukhumvit Road
20160 Pattaya
038 429 285
Phetchaburi Railway station
Rotfai Road
76000 Phetchaburi
032 425 211
Phitsanulok Train Station
Bung Phra Road
65000 Phitsanulok
055 258 005
Prachuap Khiri Khan Train Station
54 Maharat Road
77000 Prachuap Khiri Khan
032 611 175
Si Saket Bus Terminal
Kuang Heng Road
33000 Si Saket
045 612 500
045 617 978
Si Saket Railway Station
Ratchakan Rodfai 2
33000 Si Saket
045 611 525
Surat Thani Railway Station
Tha Kham, Phunphin
84130 Surat Thani
077 311213
Thon Buri Train Station
Siri Rat, Bangkok Noi
10700 Bangkok
02 222 0175
Train station
Nong Dume Road
32000 Surin
044 511 295
044 515 393
Trang Train Station
Sathani Road
92000 Trang
075 218 012
Ubon Ratchathani Train Station
Warin Chamrap
34190 Ubon Ratchathani
045 321 004
Udon Thani Train Station
Prajak Road
41000 Udon Thani
02 222 0175
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