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Thailandee mainly exists to share our love for Thailand and to give as many people as possible the desire to discover it and a lot of useful information to let them organize their stay in Thailand. As we usualyy say:'' Whatever type of holiday you like, apart from winter sports vacation, you will find your happiness in the land of Smile !'' .

Why ?

The starting point of this website is a thought we had during a several months trip in South East Asia including 4 months in Thailand: the reference book guide that everyone has misses a lot of things and addresses, small hotels and guesthouses in particular, that we discovered that we wanted to share. And it is impossible for a paper guide to be quite complete about transportation options. The desire to create was born. At the beginning, the goal was to provide a website that to enable potential travelers to find where to sleep whatever their budget is focusing on the cheap addresses that we gathered during our travels in Thailand and to find easily through our transportation search engine transportation to easily information to go from city to city by train, bus, plane or boat.

It is easy to travel on your own without a guide or Tour Operator in Thailand and should provide the minimum necessary for that: find a bed and how to get to the next town. And gradually topics and pieces of information were added: information on the cities, what to see and do, useful addresses for each city with at least the coordinates of a hospital, the TAT office or local Tourist Police, the train and bus stations, airports, video courses including Thai lessons, a blog for news... The website is growing and will continue to grow every day.

Why the name Thailandee ?

We chose the name Thailandee because it is very easy to remember and because it can be divided into Thailand and dee which means good in Thai. It summarizes so well what we think,'' Thailand, it is great!'' . That is why there is a exclamation mark in the logo of this name combination of English and Thai languages.

Contact us

To contact Tik, the website's manager, whether to send us your comments or criticisms or to tell us about events, favorites places or addresses you want to share, you can send an email to tik[at]thailandee[dot]com or via the's Facebook page or can also follow the latest news and information about Thailand via our Twitter account: @MikeThailandee.
You can also follow the latest news and information about Thailand via our Twitter account : @MikeThailandee

And to request for partnership, you can write to: pub[at]thailandee[dot]com

Please note that the phictures illustrating our website, unless a credit mentionned, are not free for use and you will need to ask for our photographer's approval before using it.

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