Best addresses for WWOOFing in Thailand

For those who want a holiday in the midst of nature and share the life and work of local Thailand, what better than working as a volunteer in the few organic farms in the country that host WWOOFers?

Addresses for WWOOFing in Thailand are still quite rare but it begins gradually to democratize. The majority of farms that welcome foreign volunteers workers are in the North (Chiang Mai area) and the Northeast (Isan). If they offer accommodation and food in exchange for working hours most of the time there also ask for a small participation (from 150 to 300 THB).

WWOOFING in Thailand

  • YouSabai (Baan Mae Jo, in Mae Taeng district)
    This is about 1 ½ hours north of Chiang Mai City. It is located beside a community forest area and a short walk to the local swimming area at the reservoir. The whole area is more than 20 acres and has a mostly Thai people (and a couple foreigners) living in community working on the land; growing and harvesting a variety of heirloom organic vegetables and saving and distributing organic seeds. (More information on their website)
    Tel: 085 720 6201 (mobile) / E-mail: [email protected]


  • Pun Pun (Mai Tang, Chiang Mai)
    Pun Pun is a small organic farm, seed saving center, and sustainable living and learning center.  We strive to find more ways to live a more self reliant lifestyle by growing organic food, building our own natural homes, and experimenting with low tech appropriate technologies.  We seek to bring back the tradition of seed saving amongst farmers and growers by collecting, propagating, and exchanging indigenous and rare varieties.  We seek to live simply and continue to learn. (More information on their website)
    Address: Mai Tang, PO Box 5, Chiang Mai, 50150 Thailand
    Tel: 081 470 1461 (mobile) / E-mail: [email protected]


  • Phrao Organic Farm (Phrao, Chiang Mai)
    Phrao Organic Farm, a small certified “Organic Thailand” orchard in Ampur Phrao, located 100 kilometers north of Chiang Mai. They grow a wide variety of tropical fruits including guava, longan, passionfruit, mango, rose apple, papaya, banana, jackfruit and many more. They are a working farm, have a cafe, a farmstay and produces guaranteed by “Organic Thailand”. The farm is only 3 kilometers from Phrao town center. (More information on their website)
    Address: 217 Moo 3, T. Wiang, Phrao, Chiang Mai 50190
    Tel: 084 971 0622 (mobile) / E-mail: [email protected]


  • Big House Organic Farm (Noog Bua Lam Phu, Udon Thani)
    Big House Organic Farm is in a quiet setting in rural north eastern Thailand. Meditation, and yoga… There is no electricity, TV, fridge, or radio. Work projects include mud brick building, rice planting and harvesting, building a bicycle grain grinder, and solar cooking and baking. The owners have extensive knowledge about sustainable living and anyone looking to incorporate eco-friendly practices into their lifestyle could stand to learn a few things from them. 

    Address: 307 Vijanrangsan Road , Nong bua lam phu , 39000 THAILAND
    Tel: 085 012 4736 (mobile) / E-mail: [email protected]


  • MindFul Farm (Pang Term, Samoeng, Chiang Mai)
    Set in the village of Pang Term, a scenic valley in the Samoeng District, Chiang Mai Province, Northern Thailand, Mindful Farm is a place of simple beauty, a place for all those wanting to live in greater harmony with the Earth. The organic farm has many diverse learning opportunities, providing you with the essential keys to a peaceful life. Run by Thai farmer and former monk, Chinnaworn and his Japanese partner, Noriko, the farm is filled with fresh creativity and blossoming ideas. With only the sounds of nature filtering into the air, the setting is perfect for relaxation and quiet contemplation. You will mindfully experience each daily activity, witnessing the love present in all things. (More information on their website)

    Address: 123 Moo 4 Pang Term Village, T. Maesap, Samoeng, Chiang Mai
    Tel : 086 196 0304 ( mobile) / E -mail : [email protected]


  • Baan Sai Roong “Rainbow House” (Tha Ma Fai Wan, Chaiyaphum)
    Small community on a mountain in Northeast Thailand working on projects geared towards self-sustainability. There are two children here who are home schooled 6 and 3 years old. They need a native speaking English woman who loves children and is willing to work with them for two hours a day teaching English (play & learn). WWOOFers work daily in their organic garden. Currently they are working on a project to teach poor villagers how to build themselves earth houses. WWOOFers also encouraged to join in on these activities. WWOOFers will also have the opportunity to learn about Buddhist meditation.
    Address: 500 Mu11 Tha Ma Fai Wan , Gangkraw, Chaiyaphum , 36150 THAILAND
    Tel: 079 515-6483 (mobile) / E-mail: [email protected] 


  • Lungkahms Jungle Homestay and Farm (Chiang Mai)
    This farm has a backpacker vibe and the restrictions on smoking and alcohol are fairly lax here, but they still expect a hard work in exchange for room. It is in a great location. Rafting, kayaking, and jungle canopy tours are offered daily. The hosts request a 3 weeks’ notice.
    Address: 69/1 Ratchapkinai Rd , Chiang Mai 50200 , THAILAND
    Tel: 089 515 1917 (mobile) / E-mail: [email protected]


  • The Panya Project (Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai)
    As a community they are dedicated to living a sustainable life in tune with each other and the natural world. They are passionate about sharing our knowledge, ideas and inspiration. Panya is also a Natural Building education centre.  We play with mud to build our houses.  Constantly experimenting and improving our techniques. (More information on their website)Address: PO Box 28 Mae Taeng, 50150 Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Tel: 087 181 8821 (mobile) / E-mail: [email protected]


  • Santipap Gardens (Ubolrat Dam Lake, Khon Kaen)

    Santipap Gardens are set up by Pongpen and Richard Abramson. It is an Organic Farm and Learning Center. Shampoo and dish soap making, Thai cooking lessons, earthen house building, and Thai massage are just a few skills travelers can learn during their stay. Accommodations are basic and the hosts expect hard work, but if you’re looking for an experience in a rural Thai village, this is a good one to consider.
    Address: P.O. BOX 18 , Khon Kaen University , 40002 , THAILAND
    Tel: 072 260 479 / E-mail: [email protected]

You can find more wwoofing options here:

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