Bye Bye Thailand Pass !

Bye Bye Thailand Pass !

Thailand Pass will no longer be required for foreigners entering Thailand from 1st July 1 onwards. The CCSA, (Center for the Administration of the Situation of the Covid-19 in Thailand) decided this morning, June 17th, during its exceptional meeting, its suppression for everyone. The pass had already been discontinued for Thai nationals on June 1st but remained compulsory for foreigners. This will no longer be the case on July 1st but we have to wait for the publication of the order announcing it in the Royal Gazette for this to be completely official.

The end of Thailand Pass confirmed

Enter into force from November 1st, 2021, the Thailand Pass had succeeded COE (Certificate of Entry) and was marked the start of more flexible programs than the strict quarantine to start a trip in Thailand . Its conditions have been modified very often. Reinforced following the emergence of the Omicron variant then lightened by small successive touches until its suppression, on July 1st if everything got confirmed.

If no last minute twist (it has already happened), those who will enter Thailand from July 1st, 2002 will no longer have to present a Thailand Pass but will have to:

  • show proof that they are vaccinated
  • or show a negative for COVID-19 laboratory test result made less than 72 hours before their departure

Vaccination certificates or Laboratory test results before departure (can be PCR or ATK but no you need a laboratory result) will be verified by the airlines before boarding and verified again once arrived in Thailand .

The end of Thailand Pass will also lead to the end of the mandatory 10,000 USD cover insurance. But it remains recommended.

End of the compulsory mask wearing outside in Thailand

The end of the obligation to wear a mask outdoor  was also accepted during this morning’s meeting. It will apply throughout Thailand and not just to a few provinces as it was announced once. However, there will be recomended for people at risk and infected to wear a mask in the presence of other people and the mask will still be requested in “crowded” places or badly ventilated places like public transport, concerts ect … or when respecting social distancing is not possible.

Indoor, wearing the mask remains mandatory unless:

  • You are alone
  • You practice an activity incompatible with wearing a mask (eating, drinking, making exercise …)

End of temperature taking screening

The temperature screening or devices that we find almost everywhere in Thailand in the places welcoming the public will also disappear except in the places bringing together many people with social distancing being impossible.

One more forwards an endemic COVID-19 in Thailand

All these measures put Thailand forward the objective of declaring the COVID-19 as endemic.

I remind you, once again, that it only becomes completely official when it is published in the Royal Gazette. The decision process is: the CSSA approves or recommends new measures , the government Cabinet confirm them (or not) and they take effect only once published in the “Royal Gazette”. The publication of measures in the Gazette should only take place the last week of June. The next major CCSA meeting will take place on June 30.

Mike Thailandee