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What places to visit in Loei?

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What to see in Loei

Apart perhaps from the Phi Ta Khon Museum at Wat Phon Chai which may be worth a visit if you are not here during the festival and the Phu Bo Phit Viewpoint, there is nothing really remarkable to see in Loei city itself but the the town's small night market is nice. On the other hand, the cloud of bats flying away every evening from the cave above Wat Tham Pha Ya about thirty kilometers from Loei city is an impressive and must do and Phu Kradueng, one of the best national parks in Thailand ( 78 kilometers) as well as the Phu Rua National Park (33 kilometers) are two mountains that will delight nature lovers, especially early risers who will have the opportunity to see at their peaks amazing sunrise with, especially in the rainy season (June - October), a sea of mist. The province also has other national parks and offers beautiful landscapes, temples including one with a superb cave but they are not always easy to discover without having your own transportation.

Must-visit places in Loei


Dan Sai during Phi Ta Khon Festival

My opinion :
Every year around July, the city of Dan Sai offers this amazing festival of ghosts. It lasts three days and includes parades in the city, concerts, dance performances but people mostly come for the inhabitants dressed as ghosts with impressive colorful masks. The Phi Ta Khon Festival made Loei famous all around Thailand.

Bat temple (Wat Tham Pha Ya)

My opinion :
Every night, millions of bats fly in convoy out of the cave overlooking the temple to the valley where they go hunting for the night before returning in the cave in the early morning. Given their numbers, it's a really impressive !

Phu Bo Bit Viewpoint

My opinion :
This viewpoint, a little outside the city, offers from the top of its hill the most beautiful viewpoint overlooking Loei city and surroundings that you can find. It can be particularly interesting to climb there to observe the sunset.

Loei Night market

My opinion :
This mall market installs its stalls of local food and iron tables and chairs every evening. For me, it is really an experience to live at least once during your trip to eat in a Thai night market. A good way to discover the local life and the famous Thai Street Food.

Erawan Cave (Tham Erawan)

My opinion :
This cave is worth visiting for its large seated Buddha installed at its mouth which makes a very photogenic image from inside. The interior of the cave is also interesting but it is absolutely necessary to be equipped with a powerful lamp to go deep inside. The surrounding countryside is also very pretty.

Chiang Khan

My opinion :
Located on the banks of the Mekong River, with Laos opposite, the small town of Chiang Khan is probably the most charming city in Loei province. Renown for its morning alms offerings to Buddhist monks on the main street, it also has a friendly riverfront, traditional wooden houses and a unique atmosphere.
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Other nice places to visit in Loei

Phu Ruea National Park

Phu Ruea National Park

starstarstarstarstar It is the most important park in Loei province. It is particularly famous for its sunrises and has the advantage of not being affected by mass tourism yet. There are beautiful waterfalls and caves and you can stay for the night in a tent or a bungalow.
Phu Kradueng

Phu Kradueng

starstarstarstarstar This mountain is one of Thailand's most famous for its stunning sunrise views, often on a sea of mist. But you have to deserve it ! The climb of 3.5 kilometers followed by 2 kilometers of a flat path is really not easy. There are tents at the top to spend the night up there.
Wat Poe Chai Na Phueng

Wat Poe Chai Na Phueng

starstarstarstar This small temple is worth above all for its historical value with its 17th century ordination hall with partly preserved exterior and interior murals.
Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

starstarstarstar This national park located 2h30 drive from Loei and 1 hour from Phetchabun is known for its plateau with rock formations reminding the back of a huge crocodile on which you walk. It is not the most essential national park in Thailand but a pleasant piece of nature and mountains which is also an important historic place.
Wat Somdet Phu Ruea

Wat Somdet Phu Ruea

starstarstar This temple located on a small hill on the edge of the road that leads to Phu Ruea National Park is worth a quick visit there. There are several interesting elements and there should be even more when you go as it is constantly under construction.
Wat Pa Huay Lad

Wat Pa Huay Lad

starstarstar This recent temple located by a lake and mountains is not very far from Phu Ruea National Park and given that it is very easy to get there from the main road, I recommend you to make a small detour and visit it. It is also on the road between Loei and Dansai for those who plan to go to attend the Phi Ta Khon Festival.
Wat Neramit Wipatsana

Wat Neramit Wipatsana

starstarstar This temple is the most visited and important in the Dansai district except during the Phi Ta Khon festival which is held at Wat Phon Chai in town. Its deceased founding monk is one of the most revered in Thailand.
Chiang Khan Skywalk

Chiang Khan Skywalk

starstarstar Open since the end of 2020, this glass footbridge which culminates at 80 meters on the banks of the Mekong River has quickly become a very popular attraction with Thais. It is half an hour's drive from Chiang Khan and 1 hour drive from Loei city.

Other visits suggestions in Loei

  • Pha Puu Cave temple
    Temple in a cave also called Piang Din Cave which is located under a rock mountain. Inside, there are images of Buddha and beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.
  • Wat Pho Chai
    Not to be confused with Wat Phon Chai located in Dan Sai. Wat Pho Chai dates back to Ayutthaya period and is located in Ban Na Phung 105 kilometers away from Loei. It is interesting for its murals and its beautiful Buddha image named Phra Ong Chao Saen (also known as Fon Saen Ha). To get there, it is a lot easier to have your own vehicle.
  • Tham Erawan Cave
    The Tham Erawan is accessed by a 600-step staircase. A large statue of Buddha is at the entrance of the cave. This is the best-known view of this place but if you walk further into the cave, you will discover several small Buddhist shrines before arriving at another metal staircase leading to an observation deck offering a nice view. Buses between Loei and Udon Thani can drop you on the main road 2.5 km from the entrance to the cave Count about forty baht for a 1h30 drive. There is a bus approximately every 30 minutes.
  • Hin Pha Ngam Park
    This park offers a landscape of limestone hills and karsts eroded for millions of years to form an interesting design that could remind you of Kunming in China (in more modest). A path through the canyon leads to the Suan Hom and Phiang Din waterfalls where you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere. The park is south of Loei on highway 201 to Nong Hin.
  • Huai Krathing Lake
    This small lake which is about ten kilometers from the city offers floating bamboo houses to eat in the middle of the water and take a dip. This is something that you can find in many places in Isan, northeastern Thailand, and is typically local.

Places to see elsewhere in Thailand

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Wat Tang Sai

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Watch dugongs

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