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Central Thailand
126 km from Bangkok
Province of Kanchanaburi

Recomm. stay
2 jours minimum


General Information about Kanchanaburi

First we want to contest the too much spread idea idea that apart from the River Kwai Bridge, there is nothing interesting to see in the area. It is true that by feet you can only go to the bridge, museums and the war cemetery and the rest is several kilometers far away. But there are many options to get there by bus or train. Otherwis, numerous taxi drivers and travel agencies will offer you their services. Surrounded by mountains, forests, with national parks nearby and magnificent waterfalls, Kachanaburi has a lot to offer. During World War II, the Japanese took position here and forced their prisoners to build a railway line connecting Thailand to Burma (Myanmar). This railway road has now the sad nickname of Death Railway Road and you can take it (this is the Thonburi - Namtok line). Several museums trace this painful episode.
Third largest city of Thailand, Kanchanaburi and the surrounding area have incredible natural resources. Nature lovers can make many treks, tours and spend time with elephants back, to discover the waterfalls, national parks of Erawan or Sai Yok, make agro-tourism, rafting, kayaking make a trip on Death Railway Road, visit temples, sail on the Kwai River. It is worthy to spend several days in Kanchanburi and its region. There is plethora of things to see and do. The night market, for instance, is nice and besides clothing, CDs and other products, you will find many stalls to eat.
Accommodations are often on the banks of the river and offer beautiful scenery. The only little flow is the occasional noise from the bars and boats turned into dancing or Karaoke clubs or the noisy engines of speedboats. The face of Thailand you will see here is unique, more rural, more green...

Accommodations in Kanchanaburi

Finding where to sleep in Kanchanburi is incredibly easy. Mae Nam Kwai Road that leads to the Bridge over the Kwai River has a multitude of cheap guesthouses. Some have rooms floating on the river. On this street, even if you did not book in advance, you will find a room very quickly. This is the backpackers area of Kanchanaburi. The proportions of budget hotels and guesthouses is very important there. The most luxurious accommodation are usually a little further. In the province, more or less long distance from Kanchanaburi town, you will find very friendly bungalows in the nature and/or on the river.

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My recommandations

People often ask me what accommodations I recommaend in Thailand, here are my recommandations in Kanchanaburi.

Homestay in Kanchanaburi

Hotel in Kanchanaburi

Hotel in Kanchanaburi

Guesthouse in Kanchanaburi

Hotel in Kanchanburi

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Practical information about Kanchanaburi

There are many choices for accommodations at all prices and especially for at average prices (300 to 500 THB) but it is also easy to find cheaper rooms without air conditioning (not essential to Kanchanburi) or shared bathroom ect ... Most of the guesthouses, bars, restaurants, massage parlors, 7-Eleven stores and laundry shops are on Mae Nam Kwae Road, the road that leads to the bridge.
If you plan to come to Kanchanaburi by train just know that you will have to go to Thonburi train station in Bangkok. Otherwise there are many buses leaving from Bangkok Southern Terminal or minvans going to Kanchanaburi. You caa book online minivan tickets here at around 150 THB.

How to get around in Kanchanaburi ?

We can easily visit Kanchanaburi city by walking. There are no real taxi in Kanchanaburi but songthaews (pickup with benches in the back) that can be used as taxis or cars with driver offered by a lot of local agencies. For short trips, there are also tuk-tuks. Renting a bicycle is also an option. There are several bicycle rental companies and many guesthouses and hotels also offer bicycles. For trips outside the city, the best option if you do not have your own transportation is probably to hire a songtheaw (there are always some at the railway station and at the Bus Terminal) by negotiating the program and the price before climbing in. Depending on the distances to drive and the duration, the price should be between 800 THB for a half a day up to 2,000 or 2,500 THB for a really distant visit one day tour. The price is per trip regardless the number of passengers.

Festivals in Kanchanaburi ?

Here is a list of the main festivals taking place every year in Kanchanaburi. I mention their dates as soon as they are official on Thai Festivals page.
river kwai bridge week

River Kwai Bridge Week

This festival generally takes place in the month of November

Plus d'infos sur River Kwai Bridge Week

How to ask in Thai to go to Kanchanaburi ?

I want to go to Kanchanaburi / Yak paï ti Kanchanaburi.
Where is Kanchanaburi ? / Kanchanaburi you ti naï ?

Must-visits in Kanchanaburi

River Kwai Bridge

My opinion :
or Death Railway Bridge which reputation comes from the movie The Bridge over the Kwai River

Erawan National Park

My opinion :
with its magnificent waterfalls, it is one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand. Probably the most beautiful one.

Wat Tham Sua

My opinion :
Temple on a small hill located about twenty kilometers from Kanchanaburi, it has a gigantic Buddha and offers a 360 degrees view over the countryside
My opinion :
Train line from Thonburi (Bangkok) to Nam Tok, sadly famous for the conditions of its construction during World War II

Wat Ban Tham

My opinion :
or Dragon Temple with its big stairs leading to a big dragon mouth

Giant Tree

My opinion :
This majestic centenary raintree located about 20 kilometers outside Kanchanaburi city is undoubtedly one of the must vitis places in Kanchanaburi! Below its shadow, you feel so small.

Wat Metta Tham Photiyan

วิหารพระโพธิสัตว์กวนอิม ปางพันเนตรพันกร
My opinion :
This very recent temple, which continues to expand, is about 20 km from Kanchanaburi city. Its carved wooden statues of the Chinese goddess Guan Yin are impressive.

Kanchanaburi Night Market

ตลาดนัดเจเจ กาญจนบุรี
My opinion :
In Kanchanaburi as elsewhere in Thailand, the night market is a nice place to go eat Street Food in the evening and why not do some shopping mainly for clothes. It is held every day of the week near the train station.
bangkok with local manger habitant

Weather & climate in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi has a tropical savanna climate. The winters are dry and very hot. Temperatures rise until April, the hottest month of the year. The rainy season runs from May to October, with shower rainfalls especially in September and October and cooler temperatures during the day.

The best time to come to Kanchanaburi is from November to March. Here the monsoon is less humid than in the South so that except September and October when rains can disrupt your holidays, you can enjoy Kanchanaburi.

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quand partir à Kanchanaburi
When to go to Kanchanaburi ?
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All COVID-19 restrictions for coming to Thailand lifted from October 1 !

all covid-19 restrictions for coming to thailand lifted from october 1 !

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