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What places to visit in Phatthalung?

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What to see in Phatthalung

If there is only one place to go to Phatthalung, this is clearly Thale Noi. The lake is incredibly photogenic at sunrise with the silhouettes of the fishing huts on stilts with their large nets planted in the water and a sky with warm colors in the background. When it's the season, the lotus flowers part of the lake is beautiful and it's also a bird sanctuary. Around the lake, there is a lovely small artcraft village with mainly wickery workers, there are also some traditional longtail boat manufacturing workshops. Go see them at work, do not be shy ! As long as you do it with respect, they will be proud or amused to see you interested by their work. In Phatthalung city, I recommend you to go to Wat Khuha Sawan for its small cave but especially to climb Khao Ok Talu behind the railway station, a little for the view and a lot for the forest temple that you will discover. And in the evening, why not go eat at the night market next to the train station ?

Otherwise, Khao Chaison area is very interesting with its flooded cave that you visit by boat and a charming temple-cave close to hot springs were live many monkeys. The installations are not in good shape but I was assured that a program of renovation will be launched soon. Still in this area, I also found a small secret place very nice to eat lunch but shh...

I also listed at the end of the page some good tours, excursions and activities that you can do in Phatthalung or from Phatthalung. Click here to see them.

Must-visit places in Phatthalung


Thale Noi Lake

My opinion :
This lake offers superb views especially for the sunrise with the fishermen's huts and the warm colors of the sky, but also a lotus flowering area, it is also a natural reserve for birds. Going there for a boat trip is definetly a must do and if possible go before dawn !

Ban Thale Noi village

My opinion :
This small village of artisan working with wickected in the vicinity of Thale Noi lake does not lack of charm with its small cemented roads on piles. You can see the villagers at work in their homes.

Nang Talung, Shadow Puppets Theater

หอศิลป์ หนังตะลุง
My opinion :
This traditional shadow theater seemed to appear in Thailand in Phatthalung province. You will find several Nag Talung masters who practice it and make the figurines. As for me, it's with Thale Noi Lake one of the 2 things you can not miss when visiting Phatthalung.

Wat Tham Khuha Sawan

My opinion :
This royal temple is mostly known for its cave but also has a chedi on a small hill that offers a dominant view over the city of Phatthalung. It is the most important temple in the city.

Khao Ok Talu

My opinion :
This 250-meter high limestone peak is emblematic of Phatthalung city. Located behind the train station, you can see it from afar and will probably be tempted to climb it to have a dominant view over the city. There is also a charming forestry temple.
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Other nice places to visit in Phatthalung

Nam Yen Cave

Nam Yen Cave

Small cave 14 km from Phatthalung that you visit on a little roaming boat in a explorer mode sometimes having to lie completely down on the boat to pass. A friendly and funny tour that I really enjoyed !
Phra Chaison Cave (Tham Phra)

Phra Chaison Cave (Tham Phra)

This temple located in a cave about fifteen kilometers from Phatthalung and less than 1 km from the Nam Yen Cave is interesting for its reclining Buddha and its murals. It is also close to the Khao Chaison Hot Springs.
Longtail boats manufacturer

Longtail boats manufacturer

Longtails boats are those wooden boats very typical in Thailand. There are several workshops in Phatthalung around the lake that manufacture them and, if they are not museums, generally they accept that you come in to watch them work (as long as you do it respectfully).
Lampam Floating market

Lampam Floating market

If is is called a floating market, Lampam Floating market is mostly a land market. Far from the images of traditional floating markets that you can have in mind, it remains an interesting and friendly place. It is only held on the weekends.
Khao Chaison Hot Springs

Khao Chaison Hot Springs

Sadly a little abandoned, these hot springs always allow you to dive your feet in the main basin for a relaxing break. It is also fun to watch the horde of monkeys living there.
Rulers New and Old palaces (Phatthalung Museum)

Rulers New and Old palaces (Phatthalung Museum)

Transformed into a museum the old and new residences of the Phatthalung governors allow you to learn a little more about the history of the city but note that they are open only a few days a week.
Wat Wang

Wat Wang

Wat Wang temple is one of the important Buddhist places of worship in Phatthalung city. It is architecturally interesting but if you have already seen many temples in Thailand, this may not be an must visit. It is next to Phatthalung Museum.
Coconut Shell Handicraft Center

Coconut Shell Handicraft Center

Located in a small village specialized in the production of products from coconut wood and shells which is located 6 kilometers from Phatthalung, this center is essentially a big shop that sells the production of the villagers.

Tours in Phatthalung and around

This selection includes tours, excursions and activities that I have personally tested or were tested by people I fully trust but also offers by recognized agencies or websites known for their seriousness and quality.

discover the beauty and local life of phatthalung
Khao Sok Paradise Resort

Discover the beauty and local life of Phatthalung

Offered in Englishenglish guide
Discover Phatthalung, one of the most unknown provinces for foreign tourists despite being one of the most beautiful and culturally rich.

let's go discover phatthalung province
Khao Sok Paradise Resort

Let's go discover Phatthalung province

Offered in Englishenglish guide
Discover Phatthalung, one of the most unknown provinces for foreign tourists despite being one of the most beautiful and culturally rich.

Places to see elsewhere in Thailand

Wat Phra Singh

wat phra singh

the most visited temple in the city, it is a perfect illustration of the nothern architectural style

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Saturday Walking Street

saturday walking street

It is not in Khanom but in the village just after it Bn Ton that hosts every Saturday evening a Walking Street, a large night market that settles in a street where cars are forbidden for the...

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James Bond Island

james bond island

the island shaped like a nail in the sea is called James Bond Island since its appearance in The Man with the Golden Gun.

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Great Palace

great palace

royal residence which is now used only for ceremonies. It is right next to Wat Phra Keo

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