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Visit Khao Ok Talu (Phatthalung)

g_translate Thai name : เขาอกทะลุ
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Phatthalung View From Khao Ok Talu
Khao Ok Talu Temple Phatthalung
Khao Ok Talu Big Buddha Phatthalung
Khao Ok Talu mountain (khao in Thai means mountain) is located less than one kilometer behind Phatthalung railway station. In the city, it is visible from many places. The ascent of this large limestone peak culminating at 250 meters planted in the landscape offers pretty views over the city and the surrounding countryside. By taking the stairs, you will quickly arrive at a junction with the portico of a temple on the left and on the right the steps towards the summit and the famous hole through which many visitors photograph the city. I chose to go to the left to see the beautiful forest temple Wat Sukha Watdi which is also a meditation center. The place is quite recent but incredibly peaceful, surrounded by nature. The path that goes at the back or the main hall goes up to a seated Buddha. Walking over there is really nice with several nice views on the way but count at least 1:30 for the round trip. A little pressed by time, I could not go to the top of the limestone peak once I returned to the stairs junction. It's up to you to choose or take the time to do both, but I really like the temple and the walk to it.

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Practical information about Khao Ok Talu

For a nice view, the less brave can simply go to Khuha Sawan Mountain View Park for a nice setting with the mountain in the background.

How to get to Khao Ok Talu ?

From Phatthalung train station count around 15 minutes walk to reach the beginning of the stairs going to the top of the mountain or the forestry temple.
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