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Visit Phanom Rung (Buriram)

g_translate Thai name : พนมรุ้ง
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Phnaom Rung View
Phanom Rung Khmer Temple
This Khmer temple majestically sits on the top of an extinct volcano in Buriram Province. This is the largest and most interesting Khmer building in Thailand. For the temple itself, certainly, but for the beautiful paved walway lined with stone markers 70 and the grand staircase leading to it also. Built between the 10th and 13th centuries, it was a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva. Only monument in the Phanom Rung Historical Park, it has been carefully restored. Even if you visted every temples in Cambodia, you will probably be amazed by this one. The view over the surrounding countryside is also interesting.
If you can, visit Phanom Rung for one of the four times of the year when the sun penetrates through the 15 doorways of the sanctuary. 5-7 March and 5-7 October for sunsets or 3-5 April and 5-7 September for sunrises (or a day earlier in leap years). This is an extraordinary show.

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Practical information about Phanom Rung

Admission fee: 100 THB or 150 for Phanom Rung + Muang Tam
Open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tel: 044 782 715
Every first Saturday of April is held the Ascension of Khao Phanom Rung Festival. In the morning, there is a procession ascending the temple's steps and a sound and light show is playing at night.

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How to get to Phanom Rung ?

Nang Rong is the nearest city at 28 km. Even if it is possible to do the round trip from Nakhon Ratchasima within the day, it is better to sleep in Nang Rong and to add Prasat Hin Muang Tam 8 km distant in your visits program. From Buriram by bus, you will have to stop at nang Rong too.
To go to the Phanom Rung, you would have to hire a moto taxi or a songthaew or rent a vehicle, car or scooter, with or without driver ( at the Honey Inn for instance). Historical Park is pretty easy to find, it is well indicated on the road signs.

Some tours going Phanom Rung

Explore a Hidden Ancient City of the Khmer Empire in Buriram

Explore a Hidden Ancient City of the Khmer Empire in Buriram

Offered in Englishenglish guide
Explore the amazing Khmer Empire temples Phanom Rung and Prasat Muang Tham, walk on a extinct volcano and experience the traditional slow life of the northeast of Thailand! Visit Buriram castle, Buriram United International Circuit, and the nearby new I-Mobile Stadium!

Phanom Rung Temple Solar phenomenon (Buriram)

Phanom Rung Temple Solar phenomenon (Buriram)

Offered in Englishenglish guide
Let's get a taste of the Phanom Rung Historical Park, the most amazing Khmer architecture site in Thailand. Enjoy Phanom Rung Festival and see the sunrise pass through the 15 gates of the park. This trip is fixed for only in Aprill

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