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What places to visit in Mae Hong Son?

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What to see in Mae Hong Son

In Mae Hong Son, tourists mainly visit the temples in town and the mountains (I recommend Ban Jabo) and rice fields of the province. From Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu perched on its hill, we have a beautiful view of the city of Mae Hong Son and its valley often plunged in mist in the morning. In the city, it is especially the lake and Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang temples magnificently illuminated at nightfall and where a night market is held in the evening that you should not miss but I also like Wat Phra Non and the superb bronze Buddha at Wat Hua Wiang. I also invite you to travel in the mountains or go to the Su Thong Pae bamboo bridge but for that, it will be better to have your own means of transport.

Must-visit places in Mae Hong Son


Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang

วัดจองคำ วัดจองกลาง
My opinion :
Located on Lake Jong Kham, they are the oldest and the most famous ones in Mae Hong Son

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Moo

My opinion :
White Shan temple built on a stretch of the mountain and offers a beautiful view of the city and surrounding countryside

Su Thong Pae bamboo bridge

My opinion :
This charming little bamboo bridge a few kilometers outside Mae Hong Son was bulit by locals in a pretty valley of rice fields. It connects the village to the temple which is at the top of the hill. A place with not many tourists where several times a year are held Buddhist ceremonies.

Lod Cave

My opinion :
This big system of caves is one of the must visits to do from Pai or Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand. Besides the magnificent and impressive caves, it is the bamboo rafting part on their interior river which makes it a very nice and fun little adventure.

Walking Street

My opinion :
The Walking Streets in Thailand are night markets that take place a few evenings a week or sometimes every evening in one or several streets that become pedestrianized for the occasion. They are often pleasant places to eat local street food. Mae Hong Son Walking Street in addition is in a superb setting !
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Other nice places to visit in Mae Hong Son

Wat Phra Non

Wat Phra Non

at the foot of Kong Mu mountain , it houses a old tools museum and a reclining Buddha statue.
Ban Jabo

Ban Jabo

This small village of the Lahu hilltribe, a 1.5 hour drive from Pai or Mae Hong, is famous for the incredible panorama it offers. Little known by foreigners, it is very populaur among Thais, especially during the winter, when they come to eat lunch in front of the magnificent view or better spend the night there to wake up in a sea of mist (does not happen every day).
Wat Hua Wiang

Wat Hua Wiang

example of burmese art , it is built according to mandalay art and houses the Chao Phalakeng, a beautiful bronze Buddha statue
Thung Bua Tong Fields

Thung Bua Tong Fields

This stretch of mountain is, with its 160 hectares, the largest field of Mexican sunflowers in Thailand. It is very popular and visited during the short flowering period which takes place around November. Before or after, the place no longer interests anyone ... until the next blooming.
Wat Kam Ko

Wat Kam Ko

on the other side of the street than Wat Phra Non, it is its covered walkway that makes it different from other temples in the city.
Phu Klon Mud Spa

Phu Klon Mud Spa

This spa, located half an hour's drive from Mae Hong Son, is renowned for its mud with benefits for the skin and blood circulation provided by minerals from its hot spring.
Baan Rak Thai

Baan Rak Thai

This small Chinese village perched in the mountains, bordered by a lake and with tea plantations nearby provides a lovely scenic backdrop for a 2 day one night getaway.
Muang Pon eco-village

Muang Pon eco-village

This small village 1.5 hours drive from Mae Hong Son is especially interesting for its homestay offer. You will share their meals, local daily life and handicraft activities or work in the fields.

Other visits suggestions in Mae Hong Son

  • Jong Kham Lake
    Turned into a public park, it offers beautiful views on the Jong Kham and Jong Klang temples
  • Wat Muay Tho
    close to Wat Phra Non, he leads to Wat Phra That Doi Kong Moo

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