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Visit Lod Cave (Mae Hong Son)

g_translate Thai name : ถ้ำน้ำลอด
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Mae Hong Son
Visit Tham Lod Cave Pai
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The Lod Cave (or Tham Lod, the word tham in Thai means 'cave') is the most interesting cave to visit in Mae Hong Son province in the North of Thailand. It is often offered as an excursion from Pai, Mae Hong Son of course or Soppong, the nearest town. Composed of 3 main rooms, the big column cave, the dolls cave and the coffin cave, the Lod Cave extends over 1.5 kilometers with sometimes ceilings reaching 50 meters. But what I believe makes the visite ungorgettable is the bamboo rafting activity on its interior river, part of the Lang River.

The visit is made with a local guide equipped with an oil lamp who will take you, first by wlaking to discover the first 2 rooms then after dolls cave, rafts will be waiting for you to take you o,n the river to the access to the last room, the Cuffin cave. All this in great darkness because there is no lighting inside. I recommend that you, especially if you want to take good pictures or film, to bring a powerful flashlight with you because the guide's kerosene lamp will quickly show its limits. I visited the cave in the morning but it seems that being there a bit before sunset is definitely worth it. You will see hundreds of thousands of bats coming out to feed at night and lots of birds coming in. A crossover that must be impressive.

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Practical information about Lod Cave

To visit the Lod Cave, you must be accompanied by a guide and more than an entrance fee, it is in fact the services of the guide and the raft rowers, if you choose to do bamboo rafting, that you pay. So it varies depending on what you do but a full tour costs THB 500 per group of 3 people. All the money goes to the villagers who maintain the place. Allow at least 1h30, rather 2 hours, for a complete visit with bamboo rafting.
The cave can be visited all year round but the water level varies according to the seasons and some rooms may not be accessible during the rainy season. It can also happen in the event of very heavy rains that the site is exceptionally closed for a few days. Note that this is not a recommended visit for people with walking difficulties because, without being really physical, there are parts with ladders or staircase that are quite steep.

How to get to Lod Cave ?

There is no public transport to go to the Lod Cave. If you want to get close, I advise you to get off at Soppong (the vans or buses between Pai and Mae Hong Son pass there) and find someone to take you from there. Otherwise, you can easily find tours to Lod Cave from Pai or Mae Hong Son.
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