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What places to visit in Lopburi?

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What to see in Lopburi

Lopburi has some temples to visit. They are less interesting than the one in Ayutthaya, Sukhothai or Kamphaeng Phet but the curiosity of the city are its monkeys. They literally colonized a large part of ??the city where they are the kings. It is practically impossible to visit Prang Sam Yod without taking the risk of them trying to climbing on you or stealing some of your belongings.

Must-visit places in Lopburi


Phra Prang Sam Yot

My opinion :
located on a little hill not far from the railway, it consists of 3 prangs and is very popular with monkeys, it is the most famous monument in Lopburi.

Phra Kan Shrine

My opinion :
This sanctuary, if revered by locals, mainly attracts tourists for its horde of monkeys. It's a bit like their headquarters as I like to say. With the neighboring Prang Sam Yod, these are the two places in Lopburi where you will see the most numérous monkeys.

Wat Huai Kaew

My opinion :
This temple with its Khmer style pagoda (not period) built in the middle of a pond is very photogenic and is well worth a short visit, especially since in the area where it is located, there are other temples interesting to discover if you are transported.
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Other nice places to visit in Lopburi

Wat Muang (Ang Thong)

Wat Muang (Ang Thong)

starstarstarstarstar temple especially interesting for its huge sitting Buddha 95 meters high, the highest in Thailand. You can touch Its hand from a little stage
Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

starstarstarstar opposite to the train station, Khmer-style, you can discover its remains with its wihann and its prangs.
Wat Khao Wong Phrachan

Wat Khao Wong Phrachan

starstarstarstar If there is a large golden Buddha image that should be available to visit in early 2020, people mostly come here for the challenge of climbing up Khao Wong Prachan Mountain which is behind the statue and is the tallest in Lopburi province.You can reach the summit after having climbed 3790 steps.
Phra Narai Ratchaniwet

Phra Narai Ratchaniwet

starstarstarstar this vast former royal palace is fully integrated into the city and hosts a museum about the province history
Khao Phraya Doen Thong Viewpoint

Khao Phraya Doen Thong Viewpoint

starstarstarstar This mountain, which culminates at 800 meters above sea level, offers a nice view over the valley, the artificial lake formed by a dam and the longest railway bridge in Thailand. It is an ideally oriented point of view to enjoy a beautiful sunrise.
Wat Phanit Thammikaram

Wat Phanit Thammikaram

starstarstar This small temple of the province of Lopburi is remarkable for its unusual architecture. Indeed, its ubosot (ordination hall) is built on a giant turtle -shaped base.
Khok Salung Railway Bridge

Khok Salung Railway Bridge

star This long railway bridge marking a 18 kilometers curve is the longest of its kind in Thailand. It allows you to cross the artificial lake created by the construction of the Pa Sak Jolasid dam. It is especially interesting to come and visit with the train excursions from Bangkok.

Other visits suggestions in Lopburi

  • The colonies of monkeys
    living in the heart of the city especially around the San Phra Khan (not far from Sam Yod). They are the real attraction here, strolling on the electric wire, squabbling on the roof, sleeping on the road ...

Places to see elsewhere in Thailand

Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat

wat phra  si rattana mahathat

also known as Wat Yai, it is an important place of pilgrimage for the Thai. Its Chinnarat Buddha is one of the most revered in the country.

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Wat Saeng Kaew Pothiyan

wat saeng kaew pothiyan

This recent temple, its construction started in 2006, is about 50 kilometers from Chiang Rai city. It clearly worths the detour as it is certainly one of the most beautiful and impressive temples...

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Dan Sai during Phi Ta Khon Festival

dan sai during phi ta khon festival

Every year around July, the city of Dan Sai offers this amazing festival of ghosts. It lasts three days and includes parades in the city, concerts, dance performances but people mostly come for the...

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Sunday Walking Street

sunday walking street

This big night market takes place every Sunday night in the center of Chiang Mai including food stands in two temples. A popular ambience. We really suggest you to go even if you will not be alone !

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