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What places to visit in Uthai Thani?

What to see in Uthai Thani

The most famous temple and the most must visit in the province of Uthai Thani is Wat Tha Sung. And it is true that it is superb! For me, being satisfied with it is a shame! In town, there are two other interesting temples, the very pleasant rural corner of Koh Thepho and some moments of local life in the market or the offerings to the monk on his boat. I also recommend a cruise on the Sakae Krang River. Rather at sunset.

Outside the city, the forest temple and surrounded by mountains, Wat Tham Khao Wong is also worth the trip! Just like surprisingly little-known hot springs and the Hup Pa That Cave.

Must-visit places in Uthai Thani


Wat Tha Sung (Crystal Temple)

My opinion :
It is the most famous and visited temple, especially by Thais, in Uthai Thani province and it is therefore obviously a must-see place! And it is very photogenic, especially its Golden Castle!

Hup Pa Tat

My opinion :
This cave with a collapsed ceiling located in a lush forest with rare and ancient tree species is probably the most unmissable natural tourist attraction in Uthai Thani province. It is 50 km away from the city.

Ko Thepho river island

My opinion :
This rural island just opposite the Uthai Thani city is very pleasant for its landscapes of rice fields and its local life. It is quite a popular place for Thais to go on bike tours. There is also an excellent restaurant and a bamboo weaving workshop.

Wat Uposatharam (Wat Bot)

My opinion :
It is one of the two temples to visit in town in Uthai Thani. Located on the banks of the river, opposite the city, Wat Uposatharam is especially interesting to visit for its ancient murals. The morning alms giving ceremony to a monk on a boat is also interesting.

Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri

My opinion :
This temple in the city is partly perched on a hill. It is a high place of pilgrimage, the best known in Thailand for the Tak Bat Thewo ceremony which takes place at the end of Buddhist Lent. It also offers a very nice view overlooking Uthai Thani city.
My opinion :
This large night market located in 2 streets which become partly pedestrian for the occasion is held every Saturday evening in Uthai Thani city. This is an opportunity to taste and discover Thai Street Food by picking your dinner at the numerous food stalls and to enjoy this quite unique atmosphere.

Wat Tham Khao Wong

My opinion :
This temple built in a beautiful mountain setting 90 kilometers from Uthai Thani city is one of the most beautiful in the province. From my point of view, it is worth the detour especially if you plan a itinerary between the Giant Tree, this temple, Wat Pha Thang and the hot springs.

Samorthong Warm Springs

My opinion :
Very little put the Samorthong Warm Springs among the visits to make in Uthai Thani province, but they are one of the most nice hot springs in Thailand. Especially thanks to their raised pool by the lake offering an incredible setting for a relaxation break.
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Other nice places to visit in Uthai Thani

Sakae Krang River Walk

Sakae Krang River Walk

starstarstar This small portion of the edge of the Sakae Krang river on the city side is pleasant to cycle through. There you better see and understand the floating houses' life. They are quite numerous in this area including a floating homestay which is, I believe, the only one in Uthai Thani.
Uthai Thani GIant Tree

Uthai Thani GIant Tree

starstarstar This giant tree located 1h30 drive from Uthai Thani city is impressive! It may not be a must-visit in the province, but since Wat Tham Khao Wong, 5 kilometers away, is really worth the detour, why notl make a short detour to see the Giant Tree too ?
Wat Pha Thang

Wat Pha Thang

starstarstar This small temple is interresting all for its 52-meter-high Big Buddha. If coming there just for visiting it is not essential, Wat Pha Thang can be a nice stopover between 2 other places that I highly recommend to visit in Uthai Thani province.

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