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Visit Samorthong Warm Springs (Uthai Thani)

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Presentation Samorthong Warm Springs

g_translate Thai name : น้ำพุร้อนสมอทอง
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Uthai Thani
Samorthong Warm Springs Uthai Thani
Samorthong Warm Springs Uthai Thani
Samorthong Warm Springs Uthai Thani
Not many people know about the Samorthong Warm Springs. This is my secret discovery in Uthai Thani so shhh...;) What is particularly pleasant here and it seems to me to be unique in hot springs in Thailand, is the swimming pool offering an amazing view on a lake. Particularly pleasant in the late afternoon.

The hot water bubbling on the surface comes from an underground spring forming a stream that flows to the Huai Khun Kaew Reservoir. The water is beautifully clean and clear but so hot that it can boil an egg in 5 minutes! Smelling the typical smell of sulfur but not in a sickening way, it has therapeutic virtues.

Here you will find restaurants near the parking lot, a 20-meter-high Buddha image, the pool looking almost like an infinite pool mode with a view of the lake (I couldn't enter it because I visited the place in 2021 and with the COVID, access to the pool was prohibited) and concrete basins for an individual mineral foot bath. You can also take a private mineral bath in small houses but I don't know the price because I visited Uthai Thani hot springs during COVID and it was not offered.

I couldn't find any mention of the water temperature anywhere but it's very hot!

Practical information about Samorthong Warm Springs

The Samorthong Warm Springs are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Free entry.

How to get to Samorthong Warm Springs ?

The Samorthong Warm Springs are 65 kilometers from Uthai Thani. For me, an ideal program for a nice day of out-of-town sightseeing in Uthai Thani is to go to Uthai Thani's Giant Tree then the superb Wat Tham Khao Wong then relax here at the hot springs, having possibly made a stop on the way at Wat Pha Thang and why not one of the nearby waterfalls before reaching Hup Pa That, in this direction or the other way knowing that Hup Pa That closes at 4:30 p.m.
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