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All you need to know to visit Uthai Thani

Northern Thailand
230 km from Bangkok
Province of Uthai Thani
Thai prononciation : Outaï tanee


Recomm. stay
2-3 days


Practical guide to go and visit Uthai Thani

Located 3h30 by road north of Bangkok, Uthai Thani is relatively unknown to foreign tourists who are extremely rare there. It's not that nothing is interesting in Uthai Thani, it is quite the contrary! But non-Thai websites, bloggers or guides do not talk or very very little about it.

The city and its surroundings alone are worth spending 2 days to enjoy the peaceful life of a provincial city settled on the banks of a river. You will discover the alms offerings to the monk on his boat in the morning, the market along the Sakae Krang river with its floating houses which changes face and size over time, the hill Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri temple which offers a beautiful dominant view, and hosts the most famous Tak Bat Thewo ceremony in Thailand, Wat Bot and its murals, you will cycle through the small roads of the river island of Koh Thepho in the middle of the paddies, eat there in an excellent restaurant that I recommend in my suggestions, go see a craftswoman weaving bamboo; in the evening you will take a boat cruise on the river at sunset. And of course, there is the unmissable Wat Tha Sung, the largest, best-known, and most visited temple in the Uthai Thani province.

And in the rest of the province, you will find natural hot springs with a swimming pool overlooking a lake, a magnificent forest temple, a giant tree, a beautiful national park... In short, there is enough to stay in Uthai Thani for a few days and enjoy it ! Especially if you are looking for a destination between Ayutthaya and Sukhothai that is off the beaten track.

uthai thani

Accommodations in Uthai Thani

As said, there are many Thais, especially from Bangkok coming to Uthai Thani on weekends and public holidays. Even if they do not book in advance, the hotels and guesthouses in Uthai Thani are often full from the beginning of the afternoon on those days. That's why I advise you to book your accommodation in advance if you are planning a stay in Uthai Thani over a weekend or holidays in Thailand. note that among the accommodation options in town, you have a floating guesthouse or a hotel by the river 5-minutes away by bike (provided for free) from Wat Bot and the town (see my accommodation recommendations in Uthai Thani).

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My recommandations

People often ask me what accommodations I recommend in Thailand, here are my recommandations in Uthai Thani.

Hotel in Uthai Thani

Hotel in Uthai Thani

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Practical information about Uthai Thani

Uthai Thani is a popular destination for Thai people, many come on weekends and public holidays, especially from Bangkok. If you can, come here for the Tak Bat Thewo ceremony at the end of Buddhist Lent. The date varies according to the lunar calendar but generally is in October.

How to go to Uthai Thani ?

To get to Uthai Thani by public transport, the only option is taking the bus. From Bangkok, buses to Uthai Thani depart from Mo Chit Bus Terminal. There are also local buses from Nakhon Sawan which can be reached by train.

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How to get around in Uthai Thani ?

To get around town in Uthai Thani and Koh Thepho, the most practical, and incidentally green way, is the bicycle. Many hotels offer bycicles to their guests for free. There is even a fairly famous circuit with cycle paths that goes on the river island of Koh Thepho and goes to Wat Tha Sung. Taxis are non-existent, tuk-tuks quite rare in Uthai Thani.

Festivals in Uthai Thani ?

Here is a list of the main festivals taking place every year in Uthai Thani. I mention their dates as soon as they are official on Thai Festivals page.
tak bat thevo festival

Tak Bat Thevo Festival

This festival generally takes place in the month of October

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Other places to see in Uthai Thani

Sakae Krang River Walk Uthai Thani
Sakae Krang River Walk
This small portion of the edge of the Sakae Krang river on the city side is pleasant to cycle through. There you better see and understand the floating houses' life. They are quite numerous in this area including a floating homestay which is, I believe, the only one in Uthai Thani.
Uthai Thani GIant Tree Uthai Thani
Uthai Thani GIant Tree
This giant tree located 1h30 drive from Uthai Thani city is impressive! It may not be a must-visit in the province, but since Wat Tham Khao Wong, 5 kilometers away, is really worth the detour, why notl make a short detour to see the Giant Tree too ?
Wat Pha Thang Uthai Thani
Wat Pha Thang
This small temple is interresting all for its 52-meter-high Big Buddha. If coming there just for visiting it is not essential, Wat Pha Thang can be a nice stopover between 2 other places that I highly recommend to visit in Uthai Thani province.

When to go to Uthai Thani ?

quand partir à Uthai Thani

How to ask in Thai to go to Uthai Thani ?

I want to go to Uthai Thani / Yak paï ti Outaï tanee.
Where is Uthai Thani ? / Outaï tanee you ti naï ?
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