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What places to visit in Sangkhlaburi?

What to see in Sangkhlaburi

The main attraction in Sangkhlaburi is the wooden Mon bridge. It is very photogenic and THE place to see in Sangkhlaburi. On the other side of the bridge, there is a village with two Mon temples, the Puttakaya pagoda and its golden chedi and Wat Wang Wiwekaram. We recommand the boat trip to explore the sunken temple which is more or less in the water depending on the season. Some people will also go to the 3 pagodas pass, border checkpoint with Mynmar. In addition to its symbolic siden there is a small market that we did not find that interesting.

Must-visit places in Sangkhlaburi


Sangkhlaburi Mon Bridge

My opinion :
400 meters long wooden bridge built by the Mon. It is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand. A very photogenic place, especially at sunset and in the early morning when it is embedded in the mist.

Phutthakhaya Chedi

My opinion :
Large square golden chedi whose style is inspired by Mahabodhi in Bodhgaya in India, it is one of the two Mon temples that are in Wangkha,the Mon part of Sangkhlaburi on the other side of the wooden bridge.
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Other nice places to visit in Sangkhlaburi

Wat Saam Prasob, the Sunken Temple

Wat Saam Prasob, the Sunken Temple

starstarstarstarstar temple more or less drowned in the lake depending on the time of year. It is most visible at the end of the dry season (March-April) and more immersed in the water at the end of the rainy season (October-November). It is only accessible by boat.
Wat Wang Wiwekaram

Wat Wang Wiwekaram

starstarstarstarstar this is the spiritual center of Mon in Thailand. The temple is situated on a hill and houses the remains of Luang Phaw Uttama a Mon monk highly respected across the country.
Three Pagoda Pass

Three Pagoda Pass

starstarstar border checkpoint with Burma unfortunately not always open, it can allow you to obtain a visa for a day to do a visit of the nearby Burmese city. The three small white chedi that give it its name to the place are not so interesting.
Wat Somdet

Wat Somdet

starstar it is the temple you see when you arrive in Sangkhlbaburi with large Buddha statues.

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