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Things to do in Sangkhlaburi ?

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Things to do in Sangkhlaburi

  • Do boat trip on the lake to explore the area and Wat Saam Prasob, sunken temple after the construction of the dam. You will find longtails to hire at the Mon bridge.
  • Dine and shop at the Walking Street which takes place every Saturday night. There, you will find a wide variety of stalls offering all kinds of food to eat on the go or seated but essentially to take away. beside food stalls, there are mostly stalls selling clothes and shoes. The atmosphere of a typical Thai night market. Sangkhlaburi Walking Street is held every Saturday evening from 6 pm in Sangkhlaburi downtown on Sangkhlaburi Alley in fornt of the hospital.
  • Dine at the local market where everynight you can find food stalls selling thai dishes to takeaway in the adjacent streets. A good way to eat local for very cheap.
  • Kayaking on the lake. P. Guesthouse rents kayaks for THB 60 per hour or 150 for half a day or 250 for a day.

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