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Visit Phutthakhaya Chedi (Sangkhlaburi)

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Presentation Phutthakhaya Chedi

Thai name : เจดีย์ทอง
My opinion:
You will also find the name Chedi Buddhakaya to designate this golden chedi covered with several kilos of gold built in the style of Bodhgaya Mahabodhi in India which marks the place of the Buddha's enlightenment. At the entrance, there are two large Singha statues surrounding a staircase going up on the platform where the chedi stands. Putthakaya Chedi was built in 1982, much of the construction is cement and the golden hue is made ​​from a gold painting. Several vendors sell souvenirs and drinks at the parking lot in front ot the temple.
This temple is linked to the monk Luang Phaw Uttama who lived there and is highly respected by the Mon community.
Sangkhlaburi Puttakaya Pagoda
Sangkhlaburi Puttakaya Pagoda
Sangkhlaburi Puttakaya Pagoda

Practical information about Phutthakhaya Chedi

There is a belief linked to this temple: if you manage to place a coin in balance on the edge in the Buddha footprint which is in the middle of the stairs chance will you accompany you during all your lifetime.

How to get to Phutthakhaya Chedi ?

From the bridge, count about fifteen minutes walk to reach the Chedi Phutthakhaya.
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Rules to respect when visiting a temple

Phutthakhaya Chedi is a temple and when you visit a temple in Thailand there are some rules to know and follow :

  • Dress properly (knees and shoulders should be covered)
  • Take off your shoes when entering the buildings
  • Be quiet
  • Don't hug or kiss
  • Don't point your feet to Buddha's image
  • Don't smoke

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