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What places to visit in Nan?

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What to see in Nan

When you come to Nan, there are two things you must see: on the wall of Wat Phumin, there is a painting of a man whispering to his wife which is the emblem of the city and is used in many different forms and in the late afternoon, go to Wat Pra That Khao Noi and admire the sunrise illuminating Nan in front of the standing Buddha statue facing the city. If you have not done that, you did not really come to Nan !

There are other interesting temples such as the white temple, the Golden Temple and a few others, a district of wooden houses and the museum of the city and of course Nan boat races in the summer (dates vary each year according to the lunar calendar).
I also listed at the end of the page some good tours, excursions and activities that you can do in Nan or from Nan. Click here to see them.

Must-visit places in Nan


Wat Phumin

My opinion :
It is the most important temple in Nan? It houses murals among the most beautiful in Thailand and probably the most famous mural painting in the country that also became the emblem of Nan city. A must see when you visit to Nan!

Wat Ming Muang

My opinion :
Completely white, this temple is surprising even if it is very modest compared to the beautiful White Temple in Chiang Rai. 2 minutes walk from Wat Phumin , take the time to pay him a visit.

Wat Sri Panton

My opinion :
This fully golden temple is the second monochrome temple in Nan. It is located just a few minutes walk from Nan white temple.

Wat Phra That Khao Noi

My opinion :
Do not miss it when you come to Nan! Especially at sunset. The sight of the golden image of Buddha walking with the valley, the mountains and Nan city below is just amazing !

Chicken coop spa

My opinion :
If you are looking for something surprising and relaxing near Nan, this place is for you ! Located in a small local community 15 kilometers from the city, this spa has strange little saunas, the sum gai spas. There are very few places in Thailand that offer it but it's becoming more and more popular because it's nice and it makes funny souvenir pictures.

Ban Sao Luang weaving village

My opinion :
This small village 20 kilometers from Nan has several weaving workshops including a large one that can be visited to see the tedious work on the looms. And of course, you can buy local craft production.
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Other nice places to visit in Nan

Wat Phrathat Chae Hang

Wat Phrathat Chae Hang

Located 4 km outside the city, it is the most sacred temple in Nan provincebecause of its golden chedi built in the 14th century.
Wat Phra That Chang Kham Worawiharn

Wat Phra That Chang Kham Worawiharn

Temple located just before Wat Phumin, it may be interesting to pay it a visit. It is one of the oldest temples in Nan. It houses the largest Buddhist manuscripts library in Thailand.
Nan National Museum

Nan National Museum

Housed in a former palace, the museum will especially interest those who love history and archeology. It helps to know the rich history of the region.
Wat Suan Tan

Wat Suan Tan

This temple is one of the oldest in the city. It houses qhat is probably the most beautiful Buddha in Nan, a 4 meters high bronze statue. Behind the main building, there is also an intreresting chedi.
Ban Bo Suak Community

Ban Bo Suak Community

Located 10 kilometers from Nan city, this small village is known for its ancient pottery kilns. You can see them, visit a small museum and see a potter working but the visit may be a little frustrating because no one speaks English there. So add it to a trip to other places but do not come here just for that.

Tours in Nan and around

This selection includes tours, excursions and activities that I have personally tested or were tested by people I fully trust but also offers by recognized agencies or websites known for their seriousness and quality.

live the local life in love whispering city

Live the Local Life in Love Whispering City

Offered in Englishenglish guide
Start at fresh market after that sightseeing downtown of Nan province and learn about culture and hungout at the night.

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wat samphran (dragon temple)

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Ban Koh Klang Community

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Amphawa community live museum

amphawa community live museum

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Koh Chang island

koh chang island

Koh Chang Island and its neighbors are probably the number one reason why tourists come to visit Trat Province. With beautiful beaches, jungle, waterfalls, mangroves and a fishing village, it is a...

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