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Northern Thailand
668 km from Bangkok
Province of Nan
Population : 62.000
Thai prononciation : Naane


Recomm. stay
2 jours minimum



General Information about Nan

Nan is a city that we hear little talk yet its history goes back centuries and is fascinating even if it would be a bit long to explain here. Nan has very recently joined Siam (1931) and has long been an independent kingdom. This story is partly evident in the murals of temples, the most famous and complete being at Wat Phumin.

The temples are also cultural and tourist richness of Nan with Lanna and Thai Lue influences. Legend has it that the inhabitants of Nan born naga egg, so we found a lot. Nan is also famous for its boat races, a tradition that dates back more than six centuries. They are held in the summer at the Buddhist retreat (dates vary according to the lunar calendar). If the local tourism is growing increasingly in Nan, few foreigners still come here. Yet culturally and historically, this is an interesting step. Not necessarily for a first trip to Thailand but for who already knows the attractions of Thailand and who loves the history of the area, Nan is an interesting destination.

Hôtels et guesthouses à Nan

There are more and more guesthouses and hotels in Nan. All guesthouses are not run by people who can speak English but you can manage to get a room. Prices are very reasonable and do not vary a lot vary from one accommodation to another. The value is a little more disparate. There are no luxury hotels in Nan. Guesthouses are often in family traditional wooden houses and there a few small hotels. If you can, the best location is not too far from Wat Phumin and its neighbors. There, you will be in a central position and everything will be just a short walk away.

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My recommandations

People often ask me what accommodations I recommaend in Thailand, here are my recommandations in Nan.

nan lanna hotel

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banban nannan library

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Weather & climate in Nan

Nan province has a tropical savanna climate. The winters (November to March) are quite dry and very hot. Temperatures rise until April which is the hottest month of the year. The monsoon season extends from late April to October, with heavy showers and cooler temperatures during the day, even if the nights remain warm.

The best time of year to come to Nan is from November to the end of March. August is the rainiest month so maybe avoid this period but during the rest of the monsoon season if the rainfall will often be torrential, they are also brief in general, allowing you to enjoy your stay the rest of the time.

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When to go to Nan ?

Map of Nan

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Practical information about Nan

There is a tourist information center in Nan. It is located on the sidewalk opposite to Wat Phumin. They don't see many foreign tourists and seem to only have one person who speaks English well enough to inquire in detail but you still can get a map of the city.

Nan is very easy to visit by bike. There are bike lanes. Most guesthouses in Nan rent bicycles (50-80 baht per day). Otherwise, the café between the gas station and Wat Hua Kuang also rent bicycles. If Nan can easily be visited by walking, to see the two outer temples including Nan standing Buddha at Prathat Khao Noi, bike or car is mandatory because taxis or tuk-tuk are quite rare in the city.
If you can, try to come to Nan a for the week end. Every Saturday and Sunday evening a small very friendly night market is held in the street along Wat Phumin. Otherwise, every night, street stalls are installed near Sukkasem Hotel on Phakong Road between Wat Suan Tan and the traffic light.

How to get around in Nan ?

It is easy to get around by feet or bicycle in Nan. The city has bike lanes and even created a small bicycle tour in the city to visit the most interesting monuments. Tuk-tuks circulating in Nan are not numerous. A private taxi service connect Nan airport to the city for 100THB.

How to ask in Thai to go to Nan ?

I want to go to Nan / Yak paï ti Naane.
Where is Nan ? / Naane you ti naï ?

Must-visits in Nan

Wat Phumin Nan

Wat Phumin

My opinion :
It is the most important temple in Nan? It houses murals among the most beautiful in Thailand and probably the most famous mural painting in the country that also became the emblem of Nan city. A must see when you visit to Nan!
Wat Phra That Khao Noi Nan

Wat Phra That Khao Noi

My opinion :
Do not miss it when you come to Nan! Especially at sunset. The sight of the golden image of Buddha walking with the valley, the mountains and Nan city below is just amazing !
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