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What places to visit in Chanthaburi?

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What to see in Chanthaburi

The monument not to be missed in Chanthaburi is the Cathedral. It is the largest of its kind in Thailand, where Catholicism is a very minor religion. The river front (Chanthaburi Waterfront) before the bridge leading to the cathedral is also a very nice area with its typical colonial houses. It is also in this area that you will find another main attraction of Chanthaburi, the gem market. It's not really a tourist attraction but curious tourists love going through it. Apart from that the city has other temples and monuments, a city pillar shrine while only a few kilometers from the center you can find some nice beaches, uncrowded on weekdays, nature with waterfalls and other temples like Wat Khao Sukim 20 km from Chanthaburi.

Must-visit places in Chanthaburi


Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

โรงแรมใกล้ มหาวิหารมารีปฏิสนธินิรมล
My opinion :
The largest Catholic church in Thailand and probably the most beautiful. Built in the early 20th century in Gothic style, it has become the symbol of the city of Chanthaburi.

Chanthaboon Waterfront

My opinion :
and the old town of Chanthaboon, the former name of Chanthaburi. With its wooden houses, the street that runs along the river at the bottom of Wat Bot and goes to the bridge leading to the Cathedral is certainly the most beautiful area of the city.

Khanom Kai Pa Tai shop

ขนมไข่ ป้าไต๊
My opinion :
Cookies similar to madeleines a little more airy of this small shop are famous throughout the region. This is really an address for gourmands who will be delighted to eat them just out of the oven.

Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center

My opinion :
This center located 30 km from Chanthaburi is composed of a large mangrove forest very pleasant to walk and discover by kayak (even if there are only a few canals with enough water). It borders the bay which also allows you to paddle in the open sea. It is really a beautiful place created by a royal project aiming to study and preserve the mangroves and their ecosystem.
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Other nice places to visit in Chanthaburi

Wat Phai Lom

Wat Phai Lom

starstarstarstar , temple especially interesting for its large golden reclining Buddha, dating from the Ayutthaya period. This is probably, because of this statue, the most interesting temple to visit in Chanthaburi.
Namtok Phliu National Park

Namtok Phliu National Park

starstarstarstar This national park near Chanthaburi does not lack of charm with its waterfall, its pools with turquoise waters in places and countless fishes. You will also see a small chedi covered with moss and can of course walk in the forest thre. A refreshing and pleasant nature pose in this province which possesses sea, mountains and rivers.
Noen Nangphaya Viewpoint

Noen Nangphaya Viewpoint

starstarstar This is not really a must visit but the view of the laces of the road on one side and the sea on the other side that you have from this point of view is one of the most representative and known images of Chanthaburi. It's lovely but maybe not the priority of priorities when you visit the province quickly.
Bo Ploy Lek Petch

Bo Ploy Lek Petch

starstarstar Chanthaburi has been known for centuries to be a land of gems even if it is a little less true nowadays. There is the dedicated market on weekends but you can also turn into gems searchers in Bo Ploy Lek Petch mine. A fun moment if you are not claustrophobic and do not be afraid to get dirty.
Wat Bot Muang

Wat Bot Muang

starstar perched on an hill it unfortunately does not offer interesting views but remains a charming temple although its architectural interest is quite limited.
Chedi Klang Nam

Chedi Klang Nam

starstar This small chedi built in the middle of the sea is sometimes accessible by walking at low tide. It is not part of the must visit but coupled with the most famous viewpoint in Chanthaburi, it remains interesting to spend a few minutes there. The place is beautiful, especially in good weather.
Sea Farming Demonstration Unit

Sea Farming Demonstration Unit

starstar This marine rescue and study unit has several deep sea bass nets with seashells, fishes (including baby sharks) and some sea turtles. Interesting to take a tour right after the Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center visit. There is only 1 km between both places.
Muang Phaniat

Muang Phaniat

starstar It is the oldest Khmer ruin discovered in Thailand for now. It was a whole city that had settled here. Nowadays remain essentially a pound and some sections of walls as well as objects found there and kept in a small museum. Not an essential visit in Chanthaburi but it can interest the history fans.
Khuk Khi Kai

Khuk Khi Kai

starstar This surprising and also disgusting prison system, I must say, is a French invention that dates from the very short period of their occupation of the region. I do not tell you more, I let you click on the picture to read the detail. Those who understand Thai language have probably already understood what it is with the name of the place.
Gems market

Gems market

star Even if it's for professionals only, so not for tourists, Chanthaburi is known throughout Thailand for its gemstone market, where dealers and gem hunters meet each weekend. Interesting to see...
Wat Khao Sukim

Wat Khao Sukim

star This temple perched about 30 kilometers from Chanthaburi city center is very visited by the Thai people for worship but does not present a major tourist interest, from my point of view. If you only stay in Chathaburi for a short time, there are other places that I think are more interesting to go first.

Other visits suggestions in Chanthaburi

  • Wat Khao Sukim
    Temple on Khao Sukhim mountain between Chanthaburi and Khao Khichakhut about twenty kilometers from the city. There is a long staircase leading to the top. This is a fairly large complex, which to our knowledge, is not accessible by public transportation. Besides, you can also visit the orchard Suan Sadetyat from April to June.

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Saturday Walking Street

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