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Northern Thailand
466 km from Bangkok
Province of Sukhothaï
Population : 40 000


Recomm. stay
1 à 2 jours


General Information about Sukhothai

Ancient capital of Siam and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Sukhothai has retained many vestiges of temples of its glorious past. Most of them are grouped in and around Historical Park. The park is beautifully designed, perhaps a bit too much will say those who love wild nature. But the remains of buildings and stone Buddhas immerse you in the history of Thailand. This is probably one of the most interesting places to visit in the country. The city beside is called New Sukhothai. The name of Old Sukhothai is used by locals and written on the buses to designate the Historical Park. If you can, take one day more to go to Si Satchanalai. The ruins are just as beautiful as in Sukhothai but the nature is wildest.

Accommodations in Sukhothai

In Sukhothai, hotels and guesthouses are located in New Sukhothai, modern city. Old Sukhothai is the Historical Park area. There are two guesthouses in Old Sukhothai, just opposite the entrance of Sukhothai Historical Park but places to sleep there are counted. In New Sukhothai, the guest houses are mostly concentrated in the area near the bridge on Jarodvithi Thong Road which crosses the Yom River. The accommodation rates are very affordable in Sukhothai.

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My recommandations

People often ask me what accommodations I recommaend in Thailand, here are my recommandations in Sukhothai.

Guesthouse in Sukhothai

New Sukhothai

Guesthouse in Sukhothai

New Sukhothai

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Practical information about Sukhothai

On Jarod Vith Thong Road, there is a bus that goes to the Historical Park. The stop is 50m from the Poo Restaurant. It leaves every half hour during the peak season.

Tours & activities in Sukhothai and around

This selection includes tours, excursions and activities that I have personally tested or were tested by people I fully trust but also offers by recognized agencies or websites known for their seriousness and quality but from who I only have tested one or two of their offers (I then indicate (ad) below the photo). Feel free to give me feedback on these services to ensure that they are good quality otherwise I may remove it from the list.

One Day Exploring Two World Heritage Sites, Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai Sukhothai
TakeMeTour (Ad)

One Day Exploring Two World Heritage Sites, Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai

This is exclusive trip for Thailand's history lover. We will visit many magnificent historical site in Sukhothai and Si Satchanamai, 2 places listed as World Heritages Sites by UNESCO

Experience the Inherited Local Wisdom & Visit World Heritage Sites in Sukhothai  Sukhothai
TakeMeTour (Ad)

Experience the Inherited Local Wisdom & Visit World Heritage Sites in Sukhothai

Explore Sukhothai historical park in one day. This trip will let you discover the meaningful religious beliefs by exploring ancient monuments and doing a workshop inspired by local wisdom.

How to get around in Sukhothai ?

Generally, visitors mainly want to go to Sukhothai Historical Park. There are buses that leave every 20 minutes from Jarot Withiithong Road (after Poo Restaurant, see the bus marker on the map) and take you there for 30 THB (price for one way). Often the return from the park coincides with the end of school, and the bus also becomes a school bus and therefore continues after the initial stop, what can arrange depending on where your accommodation is located. Otherwise, there are tuk-tuks in Sukhothai which are generally more motorcycles with a sort of sidecar. They take you where you want including the bus terminal a little outise the city.

How to ask in Thai to go to Sukhothai ?

I want to go to Sukhothai / Yak paï ti Sukhothai.
Where is Sukhothai ? / Sukhothai you ti naï ?

Must-visits in Sukhothai

Sukhothai Historical Park

My opinion :
is one of the prides of the country. By feet or by bicycle (rentals at the entrance), you will discover the remains of the past of this city that dominated the thai kingdom for nearly two centuries. Decks, altars, bas-reliefs, chedis, columns and above all the great stone Buddhas, it is like a living postcard. Most temples are grouped in the park but one of them are a little outside. Wat Chum for instance that includes a massive sitting Buddha is highly recommended.

Wat Si Chum

My opinion :
and its huge stone sitting Buddha. This temple is not in the center of Sukhothai Historical Park and is therefore sometimes overlooked by visitors and they really miss something!

Weather & climate in Sukhothai

Sukhothai has a tropical savanna climate. The winters are dry and very hot. Temperatures rise until April, the hottest month with frequent temperature rises up to at 40 °C and higher. The rainy season runs from May to October with slightly cooler temperatures during the day, although the nights remain warm.

In Sukhothai, August and September are the rainiest months.

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When to go to Sukhothai ?
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