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Koh Phangan

Southern Thailand
650 km from Bangkok
Province of Surat Thani
Population : 12 000


Recomm. stay
3 jours minimum


koh phangan

General Information about Koh Phangan

Located between Koh Tao and Koh Samui, Koh Phangan is famous for its Full Moon Party ( that takes place the nights of full moon on Hat Rin beach. Many revelers go there these days and many of those who appreciate the island for its many other assets avoid the palce on full moon nights. Koh Pha Ngan beaches have nothing to envy to the one of the neighbours islands. With forests and waterfalls, or its temples ( some are in caves ), Koh Phangan has much appeal. less crowded ( except for Full Moon partys ) than Koh Samui and Koh Tao, Phangan get backpackers preference.
Koh Phangan is also close to two of the best dive sites in Thailand, Sail Rock and Chumphon Pinnacle and near the Ang Thong Marine National Park.
The months of October and November are particularly rainy in Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Samui, better focus on other months of the year to come here.
koh phangan

Hôtels et guesthouses à Koh Phangan

In Koh Phangan, the Full Moon Party takes takes place in Haad Rin, so it is logically the part of the island where there hotels and guesthouses are the most numerous. Used to receive massive crowd, this is the place in Thailand where tehre are the most multiple-bed rooms. If you plan to come to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon, it is essential to book your room in advance. Hotels and accommodation on the island are literally mobbed. Room rates are often more expensive during the party also. The rest of the time, it is much easier to find a room in Koh Phangan and the island is much quieter. The cheapest guesthouses in Koh Phangan, are in Thong Sala but access to the sea there is not suitable for swimming. There are also some nice and cheap resorts inland. Anyway to enjoy Koh Phangan, rent a scooter but be careful the descending and ascending roads can be very tricky and dangerous especially during the Full Moon Party when you may cross drunk drivers on the road.

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My recommandations

People often ask me what accommodations I recommaend in Thailand, here are my recommandations in Koh Phangan.

palita lodge

Hotel IN_WORD Koh Phangan

Haad Rin

power beach resort

Hotel IN_WORD Koh Phangan

Ao Ban Tai

power beach resort

Hotel IN_WORD Koh Phangan

Ao Ban Tai

phangan river sand resort baantai

Hotel IN_WORD Koh Phangan

Ao Ban Tai

baan tai backpackers

Hotel IN_WORD Koh Phangan

Ao Ban Tai

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Weather & climate in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan has a tropical savanna climate. The island has only one month of true dry season (February). The climate is hot and humid for most of the year but the island is on average less humid than Phuket. The rainiest months are October and especially November. The rest of the year, given the tropical climate, showers are brief. The best moment to come to Koh Phangan is from January to April but Koh Phangan is also enjoyable during the months of July and August. At this time of the year Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao are the islands of Thailand where the weather is the best. The months of October and especially November (sometimes until mid-December) are not recommended for a stay in Ko Phangan.

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When to go to Koh Phangan ?

Map of Koh Phangan

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Practical information about Koh Phangan

You can reach the island either by taking a boat from Chumphon or Surat Thani or by going to Koh Samui by plane and taking the boat to Koh Pha Ngan. Note that there are bus + ferry tickets offered by certain bus companies, especially from or to Bangkok (you can book tickets online here) but be carefull valuable things are often stolen from the luggage in the bus during the ferry trip or on night buses.

How to get around in Koh Phangan ?

In Koh Phangan, the songthaews are kings and quite expensive if you take them alone or not with other passengers. You can hail them on the road or find them in Thong Sala at the road and the roundabout in front of the docks. There are several routes depending on the destination but all go and stop in Thong Sala which is the capital of the island. Apart from them, there are a few motorcycle taxis but the best to get around in Koh Phangan is to rent a scooter. There are many many bikes renters. Always check the bike condition before taking it and don't hesitate to take pictures to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to ask in Thai to go to Koh Phangan ?

I want to go to Koh Phangan / Yak paï ti Koh Phangan.
Where is Koh Phangan ? / Koh Phangan you ti naï ?
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