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Koh Kradan

Southern Thailand
867 km from Bangkok
Province of Trang
S Thai prononciation : Go gradane


Recomm. stay
2 jours


General Information about Koh Kradan

The small island of Koh Kradan is reputed to be the one in Trang province with the most beautiful beaches. A reputation Kradan island deserves but a little bit damaged by the presence of waste at the top of the beaches far from the area where all resorts are located. Nevertheless, its scenery with turquoise waters and white sand beaches is like a postcard. The sea on the east side is ideal for swimming.

Opposite to Koh Mook island, Koh Kradan, unlike the latter, has no village or local life, There are only small resorts one after the other and a minimart (at Kradan Beach Resort) on its third owned by private owners. The rest of the island is part of Hat Chao Mai National Park. The beach with the bungalows is on the east side. There tou can watch beautiful sunrises. It is also in the early hours of the day when the tour groups have not landed yet on Kradan's beaches that the island is the most pleasant. Koh Kradan is on the program of many tours and especially of the famous 4 islands tour. So many groups arrive by boat on the beach to spend 1 or 2 hours and go. And Ko Krdan gets peaceful again in the late afternoon (around 4.30 pm).

On the West side of the island, there is the small rocky beach called ''Sunset Beach''. It is accessible by a path through the forest. When I was there (November 2016), there was a big pile of litter. Definitely a shame because despite the rocks, it could be a nice place to enjoy the sea a bit away from other vacationers and tour groups. Above Sunset Beach, there is a small point of view ideal for observing the sunset.

koh kradan

Accommodations in Koh Kradan

Hotels in Koh Kradan are all on the beach facing Koh Muk but during peak season, they fill up quickly so the quality/price ratio of a bungalow here is among the highest in Thailand. Count 1000 baht for a bamboo hut with fan and bathroom with cold water (like those of the Kalume Resort) and average 2500 THB for a little more comfort. At Hat Chao Mai National Park headquarters you can apparently rent tents (normally rooms too, but considering their condition, I don't advise you to do so).

Be aware that in most resorts, bungalows have only electricity at night or at best electricity at all times but air conditioning only at night. Do not be surprised, it is the sign that the island is still preserved of too much modernity.

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My recommandations

People often ask me what accommodations I recommaend in Thailand, here are my recommandations in Koh Kradan.

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Practical information about Koh Kradan

There are no ATM in Koh Kradan, so come with enough cash for coering your stay knowing that prices for accommodation and restaurants are easily 2 to 3 times more expensive here than on the mainland.
At high tide, water comes almost to the top of the beaches but the more the water drops the more you can enjoy the Koh Kradan beaches.
From May to the end of October, in low season, Ko Kradan is a little depressing. For the wet weather of course but mostly because most resorts are closed.

How to get around in Koh Kradan ?

There are no roads in Koh Kradan, just a few small paths in the forest between the beaches and to Paradise Lost Resort. So you will not find any motorized land transport: neither scooter nor car.

How to ask in Thai to go to Koh Kradan ?

I want to go to Koh Kradan / Yak paï ti Go gradane.
Where is Koh Kradan ? / Go gradane you ti naï ?

Must-visits in Koh Kradan

Emerald Cave

ถ้ำมรกต ทะเลตรัง
My opinion :
Located on Koh Mook island just opposite to Koh Kradan, this cave opens onto a skylight with a lovely beach. From Koh Kradan, the easiest way to get there is to rent a longtail boat from the beach.

Weather & climate in Koh Kradan

Koh Kradan a tropical climate. Temperatures don't vary a lot throughout the year although the pre-monsoon months from February to April are a little hotter. The year is divided into a dry season, from January to March and a long wet season from April to December, with the strongest rains in September.

The best time to come to Koh Kradan is from December to March knowing that during the low season from May to the end of October, when it rains the most, tourism activity is very limited and most of the resorts on Koh Kradan and other Trang islands are closed.

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