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What to do in Koh Kradan?

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Tours, activities and festivals to do in Koh Kradan

Here you will find a selection of things to do in Koh Kradan in addition to the suggested visits listed in the section''To visit in Koh Kradan''.

Things to do in Koh Kradan

  • Enjoy the beaches because people come to Koh Kradan for its beautiful beaches, so it makes sense that enjoying them is the main activity to do here. You can walk away from the beach area where all the resorts are located. At one end, you will find the headquarters of Hat Chao Mai National Park, not the most interesting part, and at the other extremity (on your right when you have the island in your back) you will find, after a small cap, a long beach without construction. The only problem is that there is a lot of garbage at the top. Same for the small beach of Sunset Beach which is on the other side of the island.
  • Admire sunrises from the most beautiful beach in Koh Kradan, where the hotel bungalows are located located on the east coast. If the weather is good, the sunrise can be superb! But to enjoy it, you will have to wake up very early ! Personally this is my favorite time in Koh Kradan. The sun projects its warm colors on the landscape and you have the feeling that Koh Kradan is for you only.
  • Watch the sunset . To see the sunsets, more than Sunset Beach and its litter of rubbish (noticed during my last visit in November 2016), I recommend you to go to the viewpoint which is just above Sunset Beach. To reach it, follow the signs ''Sunset Beach'' from behind the bar of Kradan Beach Resort and after 15-20 minutes walk in the forest, take the path going to the left of the one that goes down to the beach. If since my stay, the beach has been cleaned, do not hesitate to go there, it will be more romantic but the high position of the point of view is also interesting. Go with a flashlight. It could be very useful for coming back !
  • Rent a kayak . Most resorts in Koh Kradan rent kayaks. You can pay per hour (around one hundred baht) or per day (around 500-600 THB). It can be fun to take a kayak and go around the island. On the other hand, to go to Koh Mook and its Emerald Cave, I do not think kayak is a good option. It seems not that far but getting there will be very tiring.

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