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The province of Trang

General information about the province of Trang

Province capital: Trang
Name in Thai: ตรัง

Location on map


Province of region Southern Thailand

Located a 2-hour drive east of Krabi, Trang province is much less popular with foreign tourists. On the other hand, its popularity continues to rise among Thais. It must be said that it has very pretty islands, some of which for which tourism is clearly only a secondary activity. These are my favorites! We often think of the trio Koh Mook, Koh Kradan and Koh Ngai which are neighbors but we often forget Koh Sukorn and Koh Libong, less often visited by foreign tourists and with more marked local life.

The most famous place in Trang province is probably the Emerald Cave on Koh Mook, this open-air cave with its secret beach, not so secret anymore, which can be accessed after swimming or paddling to cross the natural tunnel that leads there.

On the land side, there are also some interesting places in the province of Trang, temples, a cave with its interior river which will scare away claustrophobics, a town with Street Art, Kantang and its wooden station, the oldest of Thailand, hot springs, nice beaches, a set of suspension bridges that take you across the canopy of a forest...

Served by train and plane, Trang is a destination for those looking to get off the tourist routes popular with foreigners.

Destinations to visit in Trang


In the South of Krabi, Trang still avoïd the tourist fever of its neighbor. Beautiful beaches, small islands, waterfalls, mountains, beautiful landscapes and accomodations more affordable than nearby Krabi and Phuket, the province has good assets. This is one of the few destinations in the South of Thailand that has preserved its authenticity. The rubber plantations also make the fame of this part of Thailand. let's hope it will last. Trang town itself is not an enormous tourist attraction, it ...

Koh Mook

The small island of Koh Mook is one of the 3 most famous islands off the coast of Trang, along with Koh Ngai and Koh Kradan. They are no longer as protected from mass tourism as in the past, notably because of a website that classified Koh Kradan beach as the most beautiful in the world (in my opinion unfairly because for less, it is not even the most beautiful in Thailand).

At Koh Mook, there are no large hotel complexes, and the atmosphere resembling a small village...

Koh Kradan

The small island of Koh Kradan is reputed to be the one in Trang province with the most beautiful beaches. A reputation Kradan island deserves but a little bit damaged by the presence of waste at the top of the beaches far from the area where all resorts are located. Nevertheless, its scenery with turquoise waters and white sand beaches is like a postcard. The sea on the east side is ideal for swimming.

Opposite to Koh Mook island, Koh Kradan, unlike the lat...

Koh Ngai

Koh Ngai (or Koh Hai, you will find both spellings) is one of the Trang islands. Its long sandy beach with resorts lined and its azure waters make it a popular destination although it is still relatively unknown by mass tourism. Like its neighbor Koh Kradan, Ko Ngai has no local life and is only dedicated to tourism. The only constructions on the island are hotels or restaurants.

The main beach and the pier are on the east side and there is a small beach w...

Koh Sukorn

The small island of Koh Sukorn is one of the least known among Trang islands but I must say that this is perhaps the one I like the most. With very few tourists, it has a real local life, rural and agricultural. Here the population does not live from tourism but from the culture of rubber, watermelons (they are delicious), rice or fishing. Foreign tourists are not numerous, they prefer the white sand beaches of Koh Ngai or Koh Kra...

Koh Libong

Koh Libong is the largest Trang island. It is also one of the less visited by tourists. If its beaches are a little less beautiful than those in Koh Kradan or Koh Ngai with more ocher sand and a slightly less turquoise sea because it is often more hectic, the island has other asstes like its mountains and its mangroves. Unlike the other two islands, Libong is also an island with a real local l...

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All COVID-19 restrictions for coming to Thailand lifted from October 1 !

all covid-19 restrictions for coming to thailand lifted from october 1 !

We have been waiting for it for months, hoping it will happen on July 1, but it will finally be October 1, 2022, when Thailand will lift the last COVID restrictions to enter the country. From this date, it will no longer be necessary to show...

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