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What places to visit in Surin?

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What to see in Surin

The city of Surin in itself does not have much interesting to visit. Its most notable temples are Wat Burapharam and Wat Sala Loy. Red city Pillar Shrine in Khmer style and Surin National Museum that the city is very proud are often mentioned among the things to see in the town. But the most interesting places are outside of Surin. The Province has many small Khmer ruins. Except for Mueang Thi and Sikhoraphum on the railway road, there are not easily accessible by public transportation. It is therefore essential to have a vehicuke to fully enjoy visiting the area. Khmer ruins are quite modest and often very small. They can definitly not compete with Phimai and Phanom Rung temples in neighboring provinces. The the most interesting visit near Surin is going to the very popular with children Elephant Study Center at around 50 kilometers from Surin.
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Other nice places to visit in Surin

Wat Sala Loy

Wat Sala Loy

which is especially noticed for its Khmer-style building that was built in a recent past
Elephant Surin Project

Elephant Surin Project

which also hosts the Surin Elephant Study Center. It is approximatly 60 kilometers away from Surin and offers a remarquable show with the elephants twice a day
Surin National Museum

Surin National Museum

which the city is very proud. 4 km to the south from the city, it includes collections of objects that reveal the history and ethnic groups in the province.
Wat Burapharam

Wat Burapharam

the most important temple in the city, it houses including Buddha statue the most revered Surin
Prasat Sikhoraphum

Prasat Sikhoraphum

small ruin of a 12th century Khmer temple situated about 30 kilometers from Surin
Wat Ra Ngaeng

Wat Ra Ngaeng

temple opposite to the train station Sikhoraphum (34 km from Surin) with a nice walking Buddha statue that is worth visiting only if you are already in Sikhoraphum to visit its Khmer temple
Wat Klang

Wat Klang

quite common temple but a promising new building is in construction
City Pillar Shrine

City Pillar Shrine

a large red Khmer style building housing the city pillar

Other visits suggestions in Surin

  • Khmer ruins of Surin Province
    In addition to Sikhoraphum, there are many small ruins of Khmer temples throughout the region. Especially around Prasat and Sangkha. We advice you to get a car if you want to visit them.
  • Handicrafts villages
    Numerous in Surin province. The most interesting are: Ban Tha Sawang for silk (information: 087 788 5106 (mobile)), Ban Buthom for rattan baskets,Ban Khwao Sinarin, Ban Chok for silver (information: 081 309 4352 (mobile))... Note that there is a homestay program in Ban Tha Sawang, cntact Chairman Suthit Yewwong for more information: 089 630 3396 (mobile)
    If you are interested in sericulture, we also advise you tp visit the Queen Sirikit Sericulture Center 3.5 km from Surin open from 8am to 4:30 pm (Phone: 044 511 393)

Places to see elsewhere in Thailand

Straw King Kong statues

straw king kong statues

These giant King Kong statues built with rice straw became in a few months one of the great curiosities in Chiang Mai. They are installed near Huay Thung Tao Lake about ten kilometers from the city.

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Wat Phanan Choeng

wat phanan choeng

temple on the outskirts of the city, it has a huge golden Buddha sitting

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Sai Ngam ( Banyan Tree )

sai ngam ( banyan tree )

park formed by the roots and branches of one single tree. Its located on a little pond.

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Ban Chiang historical site

ban chiang historical site

located 55 km from Udon Thani, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and date from the Bronze Age. It includes a museum and an excavation site.

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