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Visit Lhong 1919 (Bangkok)

Presentation Lhong 1919

g_translate Thai name : ล้ง 1919
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This place is unfortunately definitly closed because probably sold out because of the covid and too few people going there during the pandemic.

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Street Art Lhong  Bangkok
Lhong  Warehouses Bangkok
While it defines itself more as a cultural center, the Lhong 1919 in Bangkok is also a bit of a shopping center combining art galleries, craft shops, bars and restaurants. Installed on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, it consists of a rectangle of old siheyuan-style (Chinese architecture) warehouses built in 1850 by Phraya Pisansuphaphol (Chuen), a wealthy Thai Chinese to receive shipments by boat coming from Malaysia British, Mainland China and Hong Kong. The name of the place is derived from the Huang Chung word Lhong used to refer to a steamboat port and the 1919 marks the date of purchase of the warehouses by the Wanglee family who owns it today.

It remained private for a long time until in October 2016 the family began to renovate it for an official public opening on November 2, 2017. Strangely Lhong 1919 relatively unknown even by Bangkokkians. It is nevertheless a charming place which allows you to plunge into history by browsing its buildings with ancient murals and the sections of walls with superb Street Art pieces whose style fits perfectly with the spirit of this historical monument. To discover them, when you have the river behind your back, on the left side, in the middle, between the two buildings, find the small lane and pass its door, you will then arrive in a small courtyard which for me is the little treasure of Lhong 1919. You will immediately have on the left wall, the most famous mural of the place and several others in the background. For those who find Asiatique The Riverfront =, big night market also installed in old warehouses, too artificial, I really recommend Lhong 1919, more authentic, more historic, more intimate. Especially because the place unfortunately has a lot of trouble attracting people and it would be a shame if it closes due to a lack of visitors.

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This place is unfortunately closed because probably sold out because of the covid and too few people going there during the pandemic.

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