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Visit Khao Khanab Nam (Krabi)

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Presentation Khao Khanab Nam

Thai name : เขาขนาบน้ำ
My opinion:
The twin mountains of Khao Khanap Nam are considered the symbol of Krabi. These two 1000-meter high peaks are standing on either side of the Krabi River and can be seen from the town. They are home to impressive caves.

Accessible only by boat, it is the journey on the river in a traditional longtail boat and the visit of the caves with incredible stalactites and stalagmites that make this an interesting visit. But in general, Khao Khanab Nam is part of a whole boat tour in Krabi that also goes through the mangrove tunnel and Koh Klang Island (see below, the tour I recommend).

You can climb in the main cave to an opening that takes you outside to the top. A large number of human skeletons have been found here. While their origin is uncertain, it is believed they were people who settled down here but perished in a flood.

Khao Khanab Nam Krabi
Khao Khanab Nam Krabi
Khao Khanab Nam Krabi

Practical information about Khao Khanab Nam

These mountains are only accessible by boat. In Krabi town, you need to go to the Chao Fah Pier or the Giant Crab to find one.

To go visit Khao Khanab Nam, you can also book one of the tours above.

How to get to Khao Khanab Nam ?

Khao Khanab Nam mountains can be reached by a 15-minute longtail boat trip from the Chao Fah Pier or the pontoon behind the statue of Krabi Giant Crab. For just a round trip there, it should cost around 400-500 THB but I recommend doing a whole tour that goes to these mountains, let you visit their caves, goes through the mangrove tunnel, and takes you to visit Koh Klang island rural (see below).

Some tours going Khao Khanab Nam

Let's discover Koh Klang, the preserved island's visit !
By Authentic Trip 555

Let's discover Koh Klang, the preserved island's visit !

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Ban Koh Klang island is a small haven of rurality with rice fields, buffaloes, and craftsmen. Discover its rich and peaceful local life, its mangroves, and its fish farms for a dive into the Thai countryside just a boat ride from Krabi city.

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