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All you need to know to visit Ranong

Southern Thailand
577 km from Bangkok
Province of Ranong


Recomm. stay
1 à 2 jours


Practical guide to go and visit Ranong

In general, travelers go to Ranong for two main reasons : to make a visa run in Myanmar (Burma) to renew their viosa for Thailand (Burmese visa costs $ 10) or go to the nearby islands of Koh Chang or Koh Payam. People rarely come for the city itself and are just passing by. We must confess that the city of Ranong has not much to offer except for its peaceful atmosphere. However, this is a spa town with hot springs accessible to the public for free. But do not expect to see a luxurious spa city like in Europ. Ranong city also houses a former royal residence. And around the town, in the mountains, you will find some nice waterfalls and even a canyon.
Ranong is not like other cities in Thailand. Surprisingly here are no tuk- tuk and if there are motorcycle taxis, they are very rare at the bus terminal, often it is necessary to go on the main street to find one. The street food stalls including noodle soups that bloom at night in most cities in Thailand are very rare in Ranong. But there still is the market where you can eat for cheap. Basic pad thai are at 20 baht for instance. But do not go too late, after 8 pm, most of the stalls will be closed.

Accommodations in Ranong

You will find most guesthouses and hotels in Ranong on Ruangrat Road but there are of course others in the city. Including the Kiwi Orchid Guesthouse & PL which is right next to the Bus Terminal and often full of travelers in transit to the islands or just here for a visa run.

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My recommandations

People often ask me what accommodations I recommend in Thailand, here are my recommandations in Ranong.

Hotel in Ranong

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Practical information about Ranong

Ranong has an airport with 4 flights a day from and to Bangkok but no train station. But you can also get there by bus. Un bus trip from Bangkok takes 8 hours. If needed you can book your tickets online here.

How to go to Ranong ?

From Bangkok, you can go to Ranong by plane with Nok Air or by bus. From Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai), it takes about 8-9 hours to go to Ranong (you can book your tickets online here). Otherwise, you will need 6 hours to come from Hua Hin, 2:30 to come from Chumphon or 3 hours from Phuket.

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How to get around in Ranong ?

To get around in Rayong, there are tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis like everywhere in Thailand but also some local buses. Each line has its number. Most pass at the city market on Ruangrat Road. The most convenient one to get around Ranong is bus number 3 (red bus). It goes in the street where most of the guesthouses and hotels are, to Wat Suwankhiri and Rattarungsun Throne (royal residence) and can drop you off at the entrance from the street leading to Saphan Pla pier where boats for Koh Chang and Koh Payam leave(16 THB) . Lines 4 and 6 can also drop you off at Saphan Pla. Line 6 passes in front of Ranong bus terminal. These three bus lines are the most practical. They can all be taken at Ranong market. Line 6 goes to Ranong bus terminal and to the pier to Koh Chang and Koh Phayam (yes, there are 2 Koh Chang in Thailand).

Other places to see in Ranong

Rattana Rangsarn Throne Hall Ranong
Rattana Rangsarn Throne Hall
,teakwood building that housed the throne hall of the royal palace once built for King Rama V at the top of the hill which was dismantled and replaced by Ranong city hall. There are 3 rooms decorated with period furniture.
Wat Suwan Khiri Ranong
Wat Suwan Khiri
pretty and quiet little temple with a Burmese-style chedi and a nice statue of Buddha standing in its main hall which is unfortunately often closed

Weather & climate in Ranong

Ranong has a tropical monsoon climate with little variation in temperature throughout the year, although the pre-monsoon months (February to April) are a little warmer during the day. The rainy season (from May to October) is very marked with torrential rains and heavy precipitation in the transition months of April and November.

The best time to come to Ranong and its islands (Koh Chang and Koh Phayam) is from December to the end of March. The period from May to October is particularly not a good time to come, rains are very important.

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When to go to Ranong ?

quand partir à Ranong

How to ask in Thai to go to Ranong ?

I want to go to Ranong / Yak paï ti Ranong.
Where is Ranong ? / Ranong you ti naï ?
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