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Chiang Dao

Northern Thailand
773 km from Bangkok
Province of Chiang Mai
Population : 15.000
Thai prononciation : Tchiang dao


Recomm. stay
2 jours


General Information about Chiang Dao

If the city of Chiang Dao, 73 kilometers from Chiang Mai, is uninteresting, its surroundings are full of beautiful places that make it a nice destination for Chiang Mai inhabitants who like to come here for the weekends and holidays. The Doi Chiang Dao mountain, Wat Tham Chiang Dao and its pond with turquoise waters and big fishes and of course caves, perched temples, rice fields, trails, waterfalls, hot springs... Here you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and enjoy the freshness and beauty of the northern mountains of Thailand. The hikers will not fail to go for a trail in the mountains or choose a mountain bike tour. Other zctivities in the area include Bamboo Rafting.

Note that every Tuesday morning, just outside the city, on Road 1359, a local market take palce withsome vendors coming from the hilltribes to sell their products (6am - 12pm).

chiang dao

Accommodations in Chiang Dao

There are some guesthouses in town in Chiang Dao. They are the cheapest but also the least charming ones. If you come here it is to enjoy the exceptional landscape and choose a guesthouse with mountain view. There are several accommodations around Wat Tham Chiang Dao, like the famous Chiang Dao Nest 1 and 2, often full especially on weekends and holidays. For a more affordable budget and have more chance to get a room without booking, you have the Chiang Dao Hut with great big bungalows but hard beds and small bungalows with just a mattress and shared bathroom at 400 THB. But you there are many guesthouses in Chiang Dao in the area.

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My recommandations

People often ask me what accommodations I recommaend in Thailand, here are my recommandations in Chiang Dao.

Hotel in Chiang Dao

Hotel in Chiang Dao

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Practical information about Chiang Dao

Sometimes, specially in winter, it can be quite cold in Chiang Dao, so don't forget to take a sweater or even a jacket according to the weather forecast. It is also advisable to be transported to really enjoy here or go through an agency that will take care of you but you will then have a defined program. Customizable but defined. Personally, I prefer to be free to improvise ... I give you the names and phone numbers of a few local ''taxis'' that can take you everywhere : Daeng (087-191-0961), Tod (081 -289-4502), Ton (062-595-9329) otherwise, many guesthouses rent scooters.

How to get around in Chiang Dao ?

To get around once in Chiang Dao, it is best to have your own car or motobike. Otherwise you can rent a scooter. A lot of guesthouses rent motobikes otherwise here are the telephone numbers of a few taxis that can take you everywhere: Daeng (087-191-0961), Tod (081-289-4502), Ton 062-595-9329).

How to ask in Thai to go to Chiang Dao ?

I want to go to Chiang Dao / Yak paï ti Tchiang dao.
Where is Chiang Dao ? / Tchiang dao you ti naï ?

Must-visits in Chiang Dao

Wat Tham Chiang Dao

My opinion :
Wat Tham Chiang Dao, cave temple offers a beautiful scenery with a pond and fish and allows to visit a beautiful 360-meter-long lit cave, Wat Tham Phra No. There are others but for which you have to hire a local guide with an oil lamp if you want to visit them.

Wat Tham Pha Plong

My opinion :
Located just after the Chiang Dao caves, this temple perched in the mountains offers a peaceful setting. It is a recognized meditation center and it is true that the landscape calls for peace of mind. Signs with Buddhist wisdom will accompany you through the ascent to the temple.
My opinion :
This waterfall about twenty kilometers from Chiang Dao is not the most impressive in Thailand but is very pretty just like all its surroundings. You can swim there for a refreshing bath. On the way, there are some interesting stops to make.
My opinion :
In a bucolic setting, the basins with naturally warm water welcome you for a very pleasant relaxing bath to end the day. a visit to be coupled with the Sri Sungwan waterfall a bit further on the road. The entrance ticket gives access to both places.
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