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Visit The Toad Museum (Yasothon)

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Presentation The Toad Museum

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This large 5 floors building in the shape of a large toad was erected in 2015 on the river front and houses a museum. It quickly became the emblem of Yasothon and therefore a must see for anyone visiting the city. The Toad Museum presents the story of Praya Kankak, the toad prince of a local tale that saved mankind from flooding by beating the god of rain. After winning the battle, Praya Kankak reached an agreement with the god: humans will tell him when they are ready to receive rain by launching a rocket into the sky. This is how the famous Yasothon Rocket Festival started.

On the top floor, in the animal's mouth, there is a footbridge where you can observe the river and the nearby great naga that houses a 3D museum that will delight those who like to make funny selfies. The whole area is being laid out.

Practical information about The Toad Museum

I was in Yasothon during the Bun Bang Fai Festival (Rocket Festival), the entrance of the museum was free but I think the rest of the year there is an admission fee but I do not know the price. I think, t should not exceed 20 bahts.ic recently).

How to get to The Toad Museum ?

I went there on foot from the city center but there must be a way to ask your hotel to find you a tuk-tuk.
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