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Visit Ayutthaya Floating Market (Ayutthaya)

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Ayutthaya Floating Market

Thai name : ตลาดน้ำ

GPS : 14.36057139,100.59314139 (See on the map)


Since the floods, there is a new floating market open from 9am to 18pm every day (contrary to what their signs and leaflets say they are closed before 20h on weekdays, later on weekends). Bua Klong Bua Floating Market Klong and its water theater are closed. Those who expect to find the image of a floating market with sellers on their boats offering their goods will be disappointed. As it is the case for all floating markets which have emerged in recent years; the purpose is more to create a space for shopping and restauration in a convivial setting of wooden houses with traditional forms than a traditionnal floating market. Of course some boats are used as kitchen to some food stalls but this is more a mall, a pleasant and warm one but more a mall than a market. There is a scene in the center which hosts occasional events and shows. Ayutthaya Floating Market is much busier on weekends than during the week. Therefore it is a much more pleasant place on Saturdays and Sundays. This is a good place to buy souvenirs and eat in a setting that changes than usual.

Practical information about Ayutthaya Floating Market

You can go around market by boat for 20 THB. The pier is opposite of the brick wall near the beginning of the market. Adjacent to Ayutthaya FLoating Market is the Intermarket Ayutthaya, on land this time. It offers other shops and possible elephant rides in the ruins of a temple behind (no really interesting, there are so many other ways to spend time with elephants in more pleasant fo conditions for them in Thailand, but it exists). Tuk-tuk from the train station will cost 80 THB. By bicycle, you will save time if you go through the train station, cross the tracks and take the back roads behind the railway. And the landscape will be more enjoyable.
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