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All you need to know to visit Si Saket

Northeastern Thailand
547 km from Bangkok
Province of Sisaket
Thai prononciation : Si sa kett


Recomm. stay
2 jours minimum


Practical guide to go and visit Si Saket

Located 105 km from Surin, the city of Si Saket has this little charm that you can find sometimes in not tourist destinations. As for me it has more to offer than Surin. There are some nice attractions in the city like the extravagant Phra That Ruang Rong temple 8 km outside Si Saket or Sringarinda Park and its small zoo. Food Safety Street in front of the train station on the other side of the railway and the market in the streets along the rail track on each side without forgetting the night market taking place every Sunday from 4 pm on Ratchakan Rodfai 3, just before Food Safety Street, immerse you in a typical Thai provincial town atmosphere. Sisaket is a human scale city that may surprise you and meke you stay longer than expected.
Outside the city, there is, as in all provinces of Isan, many ruins of Khmer temples, often very samll but also other attractions such as Wat Nong Thakian and its park with more than thirty pure white sitting Buddhas statues and the famous one million bottles temple of course. It is adviced to have a car or motocycle to explore the province. Sisaket is also the gateway to the Khao Phra Wihan National Park and Preah Vihear temple but because of tensions between Thailand and Cambodia about Preah Vihear the temple can not be accessed from Thailand and Khao Phra Wihan National Park is regularly closed without noticed. Kantharalak, 65 km south from Si Saket is a more practical base to visit the park (and the one million bottles temple ) as it is closer.
si saket

Accommodations in Si Saket

The value for money of Sisaket accommodations is one of the best in Thailand ! You can easily have large air-conditioned rooms with all the equipments (TV, refrigerator, shower with hot water, desk or table, wardrobe and WIFI) for 400-500 baht per night. Notably on Wichit Nakhorn Road and Wan Luk Sua Road. I personally like the SP Hotel or Ban Kaew Ruen Khwan Hotel which is located right next door. On the other hand the staff of hotels in Si Saket speak very little English, but you always manage to make get understood and rent a room. It is when you need information to visit the province that it can be a little more complicated. And if you want to have a room in a brand new 4 stars hotel for around 1000 THB a night, try Gallery Design Hotel.

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My recommandations

People often ask me what accommodations I recommend in Thailand, here are my recommandations in Si Saket.

Hotel in Si Saket

Hotel in Si Saket

Hotel in Si Saket

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Practical information about Si Saket

Surprisingly, there are many accommodation in Si Saket regardless the city is so denigrated by reference travel guides and the fact that very few foreign tourists come here. The city is not very large, you can easily walk around by feet or hire a samlaw (trishaw) who will be happy to make you a small circuit. Otherwise, there is a system of numbered songthaews (pick-ups fitted to welcome passengers in the back) but it is quite difficult for an foreigner to know which one to take and where to take it without the advice of his hotel or guesthouse.
If you go to Surin before coming here, ask all your questions about Si Saket to the Tourism Authority of Thailand Office, which also manages Si Saket as the Informatio Visitors Center of Sisaket no longer exists.

How to go to Si Saket ?

You can go to Si Saket by train or bus. From Mochit Bus Terminal in Bangkok, there are a dozen of buses (including bus 926 and 940) going to Sisaket, mostly in early morning and evening. The journey takes between 8 and 9 hours. From Surin (bus 292), Ubon Ratchathani (bus 279), Kantharalak (bus 523) and Roi Et (bus 291), buses and minivans will get you to Si Saket.

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How to get around in Si Saket ?

The city of Si Saket is not very large, you can easily get around by walking. Sisaket also has its songthaews bus network in the city and to nearby towns. You will also find samlaws and motorcycle taxis in many parts of the city. There are a few taxis in circulation and always two or three of them at si Saket Bus Terminal. But here too if they have the mention \"taximeter meter\", you will probably have to insist if you want them to start the meter (if they really have one).

Other places to see in Si Saket

Wat Maha Buddharam Si Saket
Wat Maha Buddharam
near the train station, this is the most important temple in Sisaket. Its main hall behind two stone guardians houses the most revered Buddha image of Sisaket
Somdet Sri Nakarin Park Si Saket
Somdet Sri Nakarin Park
large pleasant and beautifully landscaped park on the outskirts of the city. There is a small zoo.
City Pillar Shrine Si Saket
City Pillar Shrine
a very classical monument in Thai cities
Sisaket Aquarium Si Saket
Sisaket Aquarium
fairly modest, it may be a nice visit to do if you have children
Ban Khun Amphaipanich Si Saket
Ban Khun Amphaipanich
beautiful Chinese and Mon style house built in 1935. Today it is a gift shop.
Prasat Sa Kamphaeng Yai Si Saket
Prasat Sa Kamphaeng Yai
in Uthomphon Phisai 24 km from Sisaket, this temple is a mixt of a Khmer temple and modern buildings in the classical style of Thai Buddhist temples.
Wat Nong Takian Si Saket
Wat Nong Takian
a dozen kilometers from Sisaket, this recent temple is noted for its park with 28 white statues of Buddha

Weather & climate in Si Saket

Si Saket has a tropical humid and dry climate. The winter (November to March) is dry and very hot. Temperatures rise until April, the hottest month of the year. The monsoon season is from late April to October, with heavy rains and cooler temperatures during the day.

The best time to come to Sisaket is from November to March. April and October are also pleasant but with more rains. August and September are the least suitable months to come to Si Saket.

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How to ask in Thai to go to Si Saket ?

I want to go to Si Saket / Yak paï ti Si sa kett.
Where is Si Saket ? / Si sa kett you ti naï ?
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