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All you need to know to visit Lamphun

Northern Thailand
658 km from Bangkok
Province of Lamphun
Thai prononciation : Lâmpoun


Recomm. stay
2 days


Practical guide to go and visit Lamphun

Located only 25 kilometers in theSsouth of Chiang Mai, the formerly fortified city of Lamphun and its entire province are rarely visited by foreign tourists. Nevertheless between the fortifications of the old town, its market, its emblematic temple Wat Phra That Harinpunchai, one of the most beautiful and revered temples in Northern Thailand, its longans, fruits close to lychees which are produced here and which have their annual festival in August, its mountains sheltering the superb Wong Luang Waterfall and several hilltop temples without forgetting its craftsmen especially working in weaving or pottery, it is undoubtedly a province which has assets to hold the traveler there. Route 106, for example, offers magnificent mountain landscapes in the Lamphun to the South direction .

The city of Lamphun was founded by Queen Chama Thevi as the capital of the Haripunchai kingdom, the last Mon kingdom of what now forms Thailand. The Wat Chama Thevi temple, in town, is said to contain her ashes while a statue of her is located near Lamphun's main market. While still living in the north, King Mangrai was visited by some merchants from the Mon kingdom and, hearing of Lamphun's wealth, he decided to conquer it, even against the advice of his advisers. The Haripunchai kingdom was integrated into the Lanna kingdom in the 13th century following a clever ploy. As it was deemed impossible to take the city by force, he sent a skillful merchant called Ai Fa to gain the confidence of King Yi Ba, and over time the merchant became the Prime Minister and managed to undermine the authority of the king so much that in 1281, the people angry with their king, King Mengrai was able to easily defeat him and add the city and its riches to his kingdom.


Accommodations in Lamphun

About hotels in Lamphun, the offer is quite limited but sufficient for the few tourists who spend the night there. Close to Wat Phra That Harinpunchai or in the city center, the choice is quite meager but the Pickbaan seems to me the best choice in terms of location, quality and charm.

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Practical information about Lamphun

If the city of Lamphun in itself can easily be visited in one day from Chiang Mai, either by being transported or by taking the train or the blue sky songthaews (local buses) , to visit the whole province, being transported will be almost essential. I did not seen scooters or cars rental shops in Lamphun, which is not that surprising when knowing that the city is not really used to receiving foreign tourists who remain very rare except perhaps on some special occasions like Loy Krathong where some tourists would rather come to Lamphun than stay in Chiang Mai.

How to go to Lamphun ?

To come to Lamphun from Bangkok, you can take the train, it takes around ten hours to travel, the duration varying according to the type of train. One of the most pleasant and interesting ways to reach the city, because for the price of the ticket you have a trip a train and also a night sleep, it is to take a sleeper train. But it is strongly advised to book your tickets in advance to be sure of having a berth. You can do it on the SRT website or on this 12go link. Otherwise, there are buses that also take around ten hours to get to Lamphun from the Thai capital city. And most buses to Chiang Mai, whether you take them in Bangkok, Ayutthaya or Phitsanulok, can drop you off on the highway a few kilometers from Lamphun city. There, motorcycle taxis can take you into town for a hundred baht. Even if there are plans to build the second Chiang Mai airport in Lamphun, for now, to come to Lamphun by plane, you will have to land in Chiang Mai first and then reach the city by road.

From Chiang Mai, you can go to Lamphun by train. It's very quick because it's only a 25 km trip. Otherwise, there are light blue songtheaws (pickup with benches at the back) which depart regularly from next to the Iron Bridge, almost opposite the Tourist Office (TAT Chiang Mai). It will cost you 30 THB for a big half hour journey.

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How to get around in Lamphun ?

To go around in Lamphun city, there are tuk-tuks or maybe even some rickshaws in front of the city's train station. It also seems that because of its proximity to Chiang Mai, we can also now use GRAB application to order a car with driver. On the other hand, to visit outside the city, having your own means of transport is highly recommended.

Festivals in Lamphun ?

Here is a list of the main festivals taking place every year in Lamphun. I mention their dates as soon as they are official on Thai Festivals page.
ping hang and sai ua festival

Ping Hang and Sai Ua Festival

This festival generally takes place in the month of December

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Other places to see in Lamphun

Wat Phra Putthabat Pha Nam Lamphun
Wat Phra Putthabat Pha Nam
This hilltop temple, located a hundred kilometers from Lamphun city welcomes visitors with a huge statue of a standing monk whose temple also preserves the mummy. The temple also offers on its upper part a magnificent view over the valley and the mountains.

When to go to Lamphun ?

quand partir à Lamphun

How to ask in Thai to go to Lamphun ?

I want to go to Lamphun / Yak paï ti Lâmpoun.
Where is Lamphun ? / Lâmpoun you ti naï ?
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