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Visit Wat Sri Sa Thong (Nakhon Pathom)

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Presentation Wat Sri Sa Thong

Thai name : วัดศีรษะทอง
My opinion:
Wat Srisathong is also located in Nakhon Chai Si district, the part of Nakhon Pathom province outside the city that I have explored the most so far. It is the most famous temple dedicated to Phra Rahu in Thailand. Phra Rahu is often referred to as the god of darkness. Legend said he swallowed his two brothers, the moon and the sun, and sometimes rejects them, this is the popular explanation for eclipses. His body is completely black, with only the bust and the head, he holds a golden globe to his mouth, it is said to be the sun. Phra Rahu is a dreaded deity who is worshiped to avoid suffering and bad luck. The offerings are generally black: black grapes for commercial success, black liquor for a profitable investment, black coffee to obtain what one desires, black jelly for patience, black beans for progress, black rice for wealth and love, black eggs for successful transactions. His statue is located under a large courtyard just in front of the parking lot. The viharas behind are very beautiful with some unusual exterior statues. The one on the right has a vault with superb paintings.

Wat Srisathong was built in the early Rattanakosin period by villagers, most of whom were Laotian migrants from Vientiane. During excavations for the construction, a head of a Buddha statue was found which gave the temple the name of Wat Hua Thong, the temple of the golden head. Later the canal was dug and the villagers moved closer to the canal for ease of transportation while the temple moved and was renamed Wat Sri Sa Thong.

Nakhon Pathom
Wat Srisrathong
Nakhon Pathom Wat Srisrathong
Nakhon Pathom Wat Sisrathong

Practical information about Wat Sri Sa Thong

No admission fee.

How to get to Wat Sri Sa Thong ?

Close to Nakhon Chai Si train station, the temple is easily accessible by train and a 4-5 minutes walk. But there are not many trains per day even if you have trains from Hua Lamphong or Thonburi.
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Rules to respect when visiting a temple

Wat Sri Sa Thong is a temple and when you visit a temple in Thailand there are some rules to know and follow :

  • Dress properly (knees and shoulders should be covered)
  • Take off your shoes when entering the buildings
  • Be quiet
  • Don't hug or kiss
  • Don't point your feet to Buddha's image
  • Don't smoke

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