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Visit Wat Pak Nam Phasi Charoen (Bangkok)

Presentation Wat Pak Nam Phasi Charoen

g_translate Thai name : วัดปากน้ำภาษีเจริญ
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Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen Buddha Bkk
Wat Pak Nam Bangkok
The vast Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen temple was created in 1610, during the Ayutthaya period, in a smaller version than its current form. It is a royal temple located in the Phasi Charoen district, on the banks of several Bangkok canals.Paknam in Thai means riverfront. The temple became popular thanks to the meditation master Luang Pu Sodh Candasaro, who was its abbot during the first half of the 20th century. Mostly known to Thais, it has become a little more popular with foreign tourists since the construction in 2012 of a big stupa named Maharatchamongkhon with a superb vault on the top floor. In 2017, began the construction of a large 64-meter tall Buddha image in front of the stupa it was completed in 2021 and is the tallest Buddha image in Bangkok. it will surely make Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen a more popular visit among foreign tourists.

Wat Paknam belongs to the Mahayana Nikaya brotherhood which is at the origin of the quite controversial Dhammakaya movement.

Practical information about Wat Pak Nam Phasi Charoen

No admission feebr/>

How to get to Wat Pak Nam Phasi Charoen ?

To get to Wat Pak Nam Phasi Charoen by public transport, the easiest way is to take Bangkok MRT subway to Bang Phai station. You will then have a ten minute walk to reach the temple but can also hire a motorbike taxi for 10 THB.
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Rules to respect when visiting a temple

Wat Pak Nam Phasi Charoen is a temple and when you visit a temple in Thailand there are some rules to know and follow :

  • Dress properly (knees and shoulders should be covered)
  • Take off your shoes when entering the buildings
  • Be quiet
  • Don't hug or kiss
  • Don't point your feet to Buddha's image
  • Don't smoke

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