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Visit Wat Chulamanee (Phitsanulok)

g_translate Thai name : วัดจุฬามณี
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Phitsanulok Wat Chulamanee Temple
Phitsanulok Wat Chulamanee Chedi
Phitsanulok Wat Chula Manee
Wat Chulamani is one of the oldest temples in Phitsanulok Province. It marks the site of the ancient city of Phitsanulok. Today, you can see there the ruins of the ancient brick temple including a chedi and a Buddha foortprint. The former monastery, an Ayutthaya-style building is quite similar to the Wat Rachaburana Monastery. Wat Chulamanee hosts several important Ayutthaya Buddha statues, Sukhothai and Chiang Saen. The most important is Luang Pho Phet sheltered in a small sanctuary. The eyes and the knot of the statue were adorned with diamonds which gave it its name. 'Phet' in Thai means 'diamond'. However, the diamonds were stolen.
The viharn is almost all the time closed except for some big Buddhist festival but its doors and windows decorated with mother of pearl have really beautiful illustrations. This is personally what has impressed me the most when visiting this temple. That and the decorations surrounding most of the tree trunks of Wat Chula Manee.

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Practical information about Wat Chulamanee

The temple is open from 8 am to 5 pm.

How to get to Wat Chulamanee ?

I think, but you will have to check, that you get to the temple with the local bus number 12 (purple). Otherwise it easy to find and reach the tempe by bike, it is less than 8 km from Phitsanulok city center. A tuk-tuk from the railway station, would ask you around THB 200 to get you there, wait for you while you visit the temple and bring you back.
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Rules to respect when visiting a temple

Wat Chulamanee is a temple and when you visit a temple in Thailand there are some rules to know and follow :

  • Dress properly (knees and shoulders should be covered)
  • Take off your shoes when entering the buildings
  • Be quiet
  • Don't hug or kiss
  • Don't point your feet to Buddha's image
  • Don't smoke

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