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Last video Thai Lakorn

Thoranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (Eng Sub) Ep.02.9

The famous Thai lakorn. These series are the thai soap operas and are followed by a very large audience. Love stories, rivalries, wars, they generally consist in 9 to 25 episodes of 1:30 each. They realize the highest Thai TV audience scores.
The stories credibility is often questionable, the acting and direction exaggerated but that is all the thai lakorn charm...

Videos channels Thai Lakorn

video Kon Rak Luang Jai

Kon Rak Luang Jai

Thai Lakorn - Thai TV series. Bua is the daughter of a wealthy family that owns the largest Soy Sauce company in Thailand. Since childhood, she is secretly in love with Ran. He works as Secretary of the Thai Embassy in Prague. To avoid an arranged marriage, he decides to hire a prostitute to act as his girlfriend. Bua manages to get hired for that job and goes to Ran in Prague. She hopes to make him fall in love with her...

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video Wanida


Thai Lakorn - Thai TV series. The story seems to take place in the 50's. The youngest son of a noble family laoned a large amount of money to a creditor. The creditor will take the opportunity to blackmail the young man and ask him to pay within 3 days or marry Wanida, his only daughter. Of course, he will make her believe that the young man proposed because love at first sight. Can this marriage lead to a true love story ? And what is the secret that seems to link the two families?

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video Game Rai Game Rak

Game Rai Game Rak

Thai Lakorn - Thai TV series. Saiphon finds a girl lying unconscious on the beach because of a big storm. she lost her memories. She couldn't remember even her name. Who is she ? Where does she come from ?

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video Thara Himalaya

Thara Himalaya

Thai Lakorn - Thai TV series. First story of a saga of four. Victim of a conspiracy and an attempted murder, a foreign prince is in a coma in a hospital where the beautiful doctor Nam take medical care of him. Convinced that he has lost his memory, she will help him...

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video Keuy Bann Nok

Keuy Bann Nok

Thai Lakorn - Thai TV series. After a misunderstanding, a good family girl decides to marry a farm boy to deceive her mother who keeps trying to find her a husband. With a lot of comical situations and rivalries, they will get to know each other...

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video Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong

Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong

Vina, actress and supermodel begins to be famous and knows it well. One night she has to dive from a yacht in the deep sea to escape from Buang Suang's rape attempt. In her flight, she tries to clim into P. Phu's bark and make it capsize. Both stranded on a desert island still wanted by the Buang Suang's henchmen. And that is beginning of a journey to try to return home. Comical situations, meetings withs excentrics characters, our two heroes who are total opposites will get to know and perhaps appreciate each other...

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video Duang Jai Akkanee

Duang Jai Akkanee

Thai Lakorn - Thai TV series. Second story of 4 Hua Jai Hang Khun Khao” (4 Hearts of the Mountain), the action is focusing on Fai who is the most hot tempered boy of the Adisuan family.
Jeed is the only daughter of the Posawat family, rival of Adisuan because her father loved a woman who finally married Fai's father. But maybe the animosity between Jeed and Fai, inherited from their parents, is hiding another feeling ?

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video Thoranee Nee Nee Krai Kong

Thoranee Nee Nee Krai Kong

New thai lakorn with the couple Yaya - Nadech in the country side this time. Athit, 20 years old just finished his studies in agriculture and is hired at his grandmother's farm, however she is not in good term with his father. There lives Arunee, 2 years younger, his cousin. Feeling her position as a favorite child threatened, the young girl will soon see Athit as rival...

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video Hormones


This is not a lakorn but a classical TV series. Big audience hit among young Thais, Hormones tells the story of thai high school teenagers and their emotional and sexual emotions. The topics, questioning of authority, searching for sexual identity, teenagers sexually active, fights, rivalries, rumors and abuses of social networking, everuthing is addressed without uncompromising. Not so common in Thailand, where the show is very controversial.

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