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Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong [Eng Sub] Ep 1.1

Vina, actress and supermodel begins to be famous and knows it well. One night she has to dive from a yacht in the deep sea to escape from Buang Suang's rape attempt. In her flight, she tries to clim into P. Phu's bark and make it capsize. Both stranded on a desert island still wanted by the Buang Suang's henchmen. And that is beginning of a journey to try to return home. Comical situations, meetings withs excentrics characters, our two heroes who are total opposites will get to know and perhaps appreciate each other...

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Bye Bye Thailand Pass !

bye bye thailand pass !

Thailand Pass will no longer be required for foreigners entering Thailand from 1st July 1 onwards. The CCSA, (Center for the Administration of the Situation of the Covid-19 in Thailand) decided this morning, June 17th, during its...

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