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The province of Buriram

General information about the province of Buriram

Province capital: Buriram
Name in Thai: บุรีรัมย์

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Province of region Northeastern Thailand (Isaan)

Located in the northeastern region of Thailand, also known as Isan, Buriram is a province renowned for its rich history, important archaeological sites and enthusiasm for sport, particularly football. and car racing.

Arguably Buriram's most iconic attraction is the historic Phanom Rung complex, a majestic Khmer temple built on the summit of an extinct volcano. This Hindu shrine, dedicated to the god Shiva, not only offers insights into Khmer engineering and architecture, but also panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The climb to the temple via its large paved avenue and the astronomical alignments during certain solar events make it an unmissable place to visit for history and culture enthusiasts.

Alongside its historical treasures, Buriram is famous for its commitment to modern sport. The Chang International Circuit hosts motorcycle GP and international car racing competitions, attracting speed fans from all over the world. The football stadium of Buriram United, one of Thailand's most successful clubs, is another sporting hotspot in the province, where team spirit and passion for football are experienced in every match.

Buriram is also an ideal starting point for exploring the rest of the Isaan region, with its authentic rural landscapes, distinctive cuisine and colorful festivals. For those looking to get off the beaten track and discover a different side of Thailand, the province offers a captivating mix of historical, cultural and sporting adventures. Whether you are an avid football supporter, a motor racing fan, a history buff or simply curious to discover Thai culture beyond the beaches and tourist towns, Buriram welcomes you with rich and varied experiences.

Destinations to visit in Buriram

Nang Rong

Nang Rong city is about 50 km south from Buriram, tourists mostly come here to visit Phanom Rung temple, a magnificent Khmer temple perched on an extinct volcano. 28 kilometers away from the temple, Nang Rong is the last real town before Phanom Rung Historical Park. The most visited attrctions here are Phanom Rung temple with its long paved walkway above the big staircase leadin...


Buriram (literally the pleasant town) is one of the smallest provincial capital city in Thailand. This very rural region was part of the Khmer Empire for over four centuries and has many remains of this time. The most striking one is the Phanom Rung. That is for him that people come here and it worth it. Located on top of an extinct volcano it is one of the most interesting monuments in the country. Besides the temple itself, the large paved walkway and the stairs leading to the temple make it a...

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All COVID-19 restrictions for coming to Thailand lifted from October 1 !

all covid-19 restrictions for coming to thailand lifted from october 1 !

We have been waiting for it for months, hoping it will happen on July 1, but it will finally be October 1, 2022, when Thailand will lift the last COVID restrictions to enter the country. From this date, it will no longer be necessary to show...

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