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What to do in Koh Larn?

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Tours, activities and festivals to do in Koh Larn

Here you will find a selection of things to do in Koh Larn in addition to the suggested visits listed in the section''To visit in Koh Larn''.

Things to do in Koh Larn

  • Enjoy the beaches , they are a lot better than the very sad beaches of Pattaya. Here, the water is turquoise and the sand and lascapes more beautiful.
  • Parasailing , pulled by a boat. You are suspended in the air attached to a parachute. Sensations guaranteed.
  • Do jetski , it disturbs a little the relative calm of the place but it's part of Koh Larn activities. Here, no report of jet-ski scams like in South Pattaya but still be vigilant.
  • See coral reliefs , apparently there is a small submersible that offers to take you to discover the coral reliefs, but we do not know where to go. Your guesthouse or hotel will have more information.Voir coral reliefs

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