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What to do in Khao Sok?

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Tours, activities and festivals to do in Khao Sok

Here you will find a selection of things to do in Khao Sok in addition to the suggested visits listed in the section''To visit in Khao Sok''.

Tours & activities in Khao Sok and around

This selection includes tours, excursions and activities that I have personally tested or were tested by people I fully trust but also offers by recognized agencies or websites known for their seriousness and quality.

Trek to discover the Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world Khao Sok

Trek to discover the Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world

Offered in Englishenglish guide
Khao Sok national park is the most famous place in Thailand to see the rafflesia known as the largest flower in the world. Go on a trek in the jungle with a local guide to discover this flower that can be found in very very few places on the earth.

Things to do in Khao Sok

  • Go on a tour on Chiew Lan Larn If Khao Sok is famous, it is precisely for its lake, the Chiew Lan Lake, to go there on a tour by boat is a must do when you come here. The ideal formule is to take a 2 days trip with 1 night on the lake in a floating hotel. Spending the night on the lake will probably be the best memory of your stay in Khao Sok. All resorts and agencies offer this excursion with usually an identical program with boat tours, small treks in the jungle, cave visit, night and early morning tour on the lake... The price mainly depends on the level of comfort of your floating bungalow. First price starts from 2500 THB per person all inclusive for 2 days and one night for a very basic bungalow.
  • Survival training in the jungle Khao Sok's jungle is famous throughout the country for hosting the largest flower in the world as well as many animal and plant species. This is the best place in Thailand for a jungle survival camp accompanied by experienced guides who will cook with what they found in the forest and set a camp for the night. A unique experience for the bravest among you ;)
  • Homestay Immersion Another great experience in Khao Sok, is the 2-day immersion program in a local family in the small village of Saphan Tao. It is located in the heart of the Khao Sok jungle. This is where, families welcome travelers in their daily life. You will go to the fields with them, eat and sleep at their home, go make offerings to the monks... The exchanges will be in English, families chosen speak enough English to exchange with. To book contact Somchai from Khao Sok Paradise Resort.

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