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Weather & climate in Chiang Rai

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The weather in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai has a tropical humid and dry climate. The winters are dry and warm although in recent years there have been some waves of cold in December and January (temperatures between 14 and 18 °C in the plain but for Thailand it is cold). Temperatures rise until April, the hottest month here. The monsoon season extends from late April to October, with heavy rains and cooler temperatures during the day.

It is only in July-August that coming to Chiang Rai is not really advised because of the risk of rains. Be careful in winter (December to March), morning temperatures can be quite cool, bring a sweater in your luggage and even a warm jacket if you plan to go in the mountains.

Tendancies month by month

Weather now in Chiang Rai and forecast

Chiang Rai Livecam

Chiang Rai livecam (Mae Yao)

Bangkok - Live Webcam

Check the date on the picture to be sure that the webcam is always broadcasting live. To refresh the image, press the F5 key.

Average temperatures in Chiang Rai

Average high / Average low temperatures °C (source: TMD)

Average rainfall in Chiang Rai

Average rainfall in millimeters (source: TMD)
*These graphics have been compiled with temperature and precipitation data from the Thai Department of Meteorology (TMD). They reflect trends to help you plan your trip to Thailand but are not actual weather forecasts.

General information about weather in Thailand

You can find weather information for entire Thailand, including the average rainfall month by month maps on ''Weather in Thailand''.
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