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Visit Pink dolphins (Khanom)

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g_translate Thai name : โลมาสีชมพู
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Pink Dolphin Boat Tour Khanom
Khanom Pink Dolphin Tour
Khanom Pink Dolphin Boat Tour
Khanom is definitely associated with pink dolphins. The boat trip to discover them is the essential excursion of any stay here. It is advisable to go in the morning, the best time being between 7:30 am and 9 am. This is the time of day when the chances of seeing are optimal. Although obviously it is not guaranteed (for instance, I was unlucky when I was there and apart from a stealthy fin at the end of my boat ride, I did not see any dolphin). The area where you can see them is quite vast. It is around Laem Prathap Cape and goes to Donsak Pier. So when your ferry to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan or Koh Tao, leaves have a look at the sea, you may see some pink dolphins. In Laem Prathap, there are many longtail boats to take you to see them. But as for me to take a more complete excursions proposed by the agencies (see with the reception of your hotel to reserve) is a better option. They cumulate the boat tour in the bay to see the loma si chompoo (pink dolphins in Thai) and visit the small Koh Nui island, with Khao Wang Thong cave and a stop in a river for a natural fish spa. That way if you're unlucky and the dolphins do not show up, you'll still have a great day ! The dolphins are apparently there all the year long but you have more chances to see them when the sea is calm so the monsoon months (November-December) are less favorable. According to the authorities, there are 60 pink dolphins in the area.

Practical information about Pink dolphins

I am sure, you ask yourself why the Khanom's dolphins are pink and not gray ? I had several explanations, depending to my local contacts or my research, I never heard 2 times the same explanation. The range of reasons goes for because they eat a lot of shrimp (the least plausible, I think), to because they have a lot capillaries to regulate they body temperature or actually only old dolphins are pink and that they are in this area near the littoral it is because they take advantage of the discharges in the sea of ??the small fishes by the fishermen to feed themself with no effort but young they were gray. I let you choose the explanation that convinces you the most.

How to get to Pink dolphins ?

If you choose to go to a pier in Laem Prathap or the surrounding area and hire a longtail boat, it will cost around 1500 THB per boat for a 1.5 hour tour. Some offer as a guarantee to take you back for free the next day if you did not see any dolphins.
A complete tour with Pink Dolphin and Koh Nui Island Boat Tour, Khao Wang Thong Cave visit and time to relax at a Natural Fish Spa costs 1200 THB per person with pick-up and deposit at your hotel. The same tour with a private guide will cost you around 3000 THB so if you are more than 3, it is more interesting and you will have a private tour. Ask your hotel if interested.
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