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Visit ICON SIAM (Bangkok)

g_translate Thai name : ไอคอนสยาม
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ICON SIAM stands as a colossal shopping haven, showcasing the grandeur characteristic of the numerous large malls that define Bangkok, surpassing even the vibrant shopping scene of Paris. Opening its doors in 2018, this establishment swiftly became a monumental landmark in Bangkok, transcending its role as a mere shopping center.

Architecturally, ICON SIAM is unparalleled in beauty, boasting both internal and external magnificence. Amidst its luxurious ambiance, the Sook Siam captivates visitors with its artificial floating market and indoor Walking Street in the basement. This unique attraction attracts tourists for its diverse culinary offerings, quality, and the intriguing atmosphere of kitchen stands. While not quite the same as a traditional floating market, it offers a more refined experience, albeit at a higher cost.

Some visitors are drawn to ICON SIAM solely for the breathtaking view of the Chao Phraya River from the Napalai Terrace on the 6th floor. The panoramic vista is undeniably worth the visit, especially considering it's a complimentary experience.

On the shopping front, a dedicated floor caters to luxury enthusiasts, offering haute couture, jewelry, sports cars, and local crafts. Toy shops, diverse restaurants, a cinema, a premium grocery supermarket, and an exhibition space that has hosted renowned exhibitions contribute to the opulence of ICON SIAM. While prices may lean towards the higher end, the variety ensures there's something for everyone.

In summary, ICON SIAM is not merely for shopping addicts, as its appeal extends beyond retail. While not a mandatory stop in Bangkok, the first visit often leaves a lasting impression. Surpassing expectations, it stands out among the grandiose shopping centers in the city, particularly in terms of design.

A noteworthy addition is the presence of the Michelin-starred restaurant, Blue by Alain Ducasse, within ICON SIAM. While I haven't dined there, the prospect of doing so for a special occasion is enticing, considering the reasonable prices. Visitors can also enjoy a superb view, as I was allowed to capture photos outside of meal times.

ICON SIAM also often organizes major events. It is he who organizes the most grandiose New Year's fireworks in Bangkok, for example. But it also has events for Loy Krathong, Chinese New Year, Songkran ect...< /p>

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Practical information about ICON SIAM

There is no entry fee to ICON SIAM, even to access to the terrace with a commanding view of the Chao Phraya River.
Operating hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week.

How to get to ICON SIAM ?

For convenient transportation to ICON SIAM using Bangkok public transport, explore the following options:
  • Gold Line: This short dedicated BTS skytrain line is seamlessly connected to the main line at Krung Thonburi station.
  • Special River Shuttles: Connect through the Sathorn Pier or the Si Phraya Pier for a scenic journey leading directly to ICON SIAM.
  • Bus Lines: Opt for bus lines 3, 6, 84, 88, 89, 111, 149, 167, and 177 for an accessible and affordable travel option.
Plan your visit to ICON SIAM effortlessly and choose the transportation method that suits your preferences. Whether by skytrain, river shuttle, or bus, the journey to this iconic destination is as delightful as the experience that awaits within.
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