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Rules and procedures to follow to travel in Thailand during COVID-19

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Travel in Thailand during COVID-19 (for Non-Thaïs)

The Thailand Pass, which for a long time was the mandatory document to have to enter into Thailand, was abolished for everyone on July 1, 2022. Since then, vaccinated tourists only have to present proof of vaccination and non-vaccinated a negative result for a COVID test made less 72 hours before departure to Thailand.

You will find all the details of current rules to come to Thailand on TATNews website.

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What are the procedures for coming to Thailand during COVID-19 ?

Since July 1, 2022, if you are vaccinated, there are no more formalities (other than visa application if needed) to do before coming to Thailand. You just need to have a valid vaccination certificate to present before boarding and on arrival in Thailand. If not vaccinated against COVID-19, you will have to do a screening test (PCR or ATK, it doesn't matter, but you need laboratory results) less than 72 hours before leaving for Thailand (it is based on your take-off time) and present the negative result when boarding your flight and upon arrival.
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COVID-19 in Thailand

Those interested in official COVID-19 statics in Thailand can have a look on the Thai DDC website.

Website to check for upadates

To get updates and official information on the situation and new entry conditions in Thailand during the COVID-19 pandemic, I recommend you to regurlarly check your country's Thai enmbassy or consular website and website:
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