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Bangkok metro MRT Yellow Line

Information about MRT Yellow Line

MRT is one of the metro operators in Bangkok. The MRT Yellow Line is the latest operating MRT line that was added to the Blue Line and the Purple Line on 3rd June, 2023. Line connects the Lat Phrao district, in the north of Bangkok, to Samrong station, located in the southeast suburbs. It covers about 30 kilometers and includes 23 stations.

For simple jouney, users buy black tokens from automatic distributors who accept coins and tickets. The desks are more information counters but can also sell tokens. The price depends on the length of the journey. On the vending machines, the touch screens display a plan of the network on which you choose the color of the line and select your destination station on the map. The price will then be determined according to your route. Do not forget to change the language to English with the button at the top of the screen! Once your trip is over, the exit gantry will swallow your token before opening. So don't lose it!

metro bangkok mrt yellow line

MRT Yellow Line stations

The MRT metro yellow line is connected to the MRT Blue Line at the Lat Phrao station, connected to Airport Rail Link (ARL) at Hua Mak station and the terminus, Samrong, is connected to the Sukkhumvit line of BTS metro. map og mrt yellow line bangkok

Bangkok MRT Yellow Line

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Practical information

Trains from 6 am to 9 pm
MRT Hotline: 02 624 5200
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Other public transport in Bangkok

Bangkok skytain

bts skytrain bangkok

The Bangkok Skytrain is called BTS. The trains have air condition and let you go over the heavy road traffic in the capital but you can not go everywhere even if connected to the Chao Phraya Express boats, it can let you go to major temples in Bangkok.

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Chao Phraya Express

bangkok chao phraya express

The Chao Phraya Express boats run regularly on the river running through Bangkok. They go to all monuments and interesting places on the river shores including Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho and Wat Arun, the three must see temples in Bangkok. Fare is cheap.

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Bangkok bus lines

bangkok bus

Taking the bus to get around is clearly not the easiest mean of transportation to use for a foreign tourist in Bangkok neither the fastest one but it's the cheapest one. Bangkok bus network is wide and you can go almost anywhere but just need to be patient.

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Transport Bangkok

transports bangkok

Bangkok is the city in Thailand that offers more choices of public or individual transport (metro, bus, boats, tuktuks...). Because, no, there are not just tuk-tuks and pink taxis to get around Bangkok !

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Transports in Thailand
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