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Things to do in Chiang Khan ?

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Things to do in Chiang Khan

  • Watch the sunsets over the Mekong , a nice sight that can be seen from the riverfront before dining in one of the many restaurants in Chiang Khong Road. The less spectacular sunrises can also be interesting at certain times of the year.
  • Walk on the riverfront , late in the afternoon or evening when the sun is less harsh. You can see the Mekong River and a little bit of Laos on the opposite shore.
  • Go for a sail on the Mekong. You can approach Laos more closely and discover a little part of this mythical river. Check with your guesthouse or hotel to arrange your boat tour.
  • Shopping Chiang Khong Road It is better to shop there in the evening when most shops are open. You will find lots of small items, fashion accessories, clothes at very small prices. I bet that you won't leave without buying something!
  • Participate to the offerings to monks which takes place every morning in Chai Khong Road, the street qhere most guesthouses and homestays are. This is particularly impressive on Sunday morning or during Buddhist festivals when Thai people are very numerous. But you have to wake up early because it starts at sunrise.

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